Japanese food hits Alabang Town Center with John and Yoko


Japanese food has always been a favorite. Time and time again, I always go back to sushi’s and tempura. When In Manila, though, it’s always good to try new things, or even just the old with a twist. This is what brought me to John and Yoko.







It’s been such a delight, for southerners like me, to have all these new restaurants coming to us. After success in their flagship branch in Greenbelt, John and Yoko has chosen Alabang Town Center as home to it’s second branch.


John and Yoko, named after the famous couple John Lennon and Yoko Ono, serve food with a Japanese cosmopolitan theme. Headed by Chef Nicole Nicolas and Chef Benjamin Gonzales, they not only serve traditional Japanese food, but also, some very interesting culinary creations.


Let the eating begin!



First up was the Crunchy Kani Sushi (PHP 278). Sushi topped with friend crabstick. Very good!



My favorite, the Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza (PHP 309). Who says Jap food can’t have pizza?



The Smoked Salmon and Tuna Roll (PHP 239) is something I’d suggest to those looking for the more traditional favorites.



Big Star Salad (PHP 368). An interesting combination of shrimp, greens, candied walnuts and miso dressing.



The Shrimp Enoki Pizza (PHP368) is another surprise for this cuisine. Same as the Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza with the crust and toppings, this one is topped with Enoki mushrooms.



Wagyu Ramen served steaming hot!



Seafood Shabu Shabu (PHP499) with the choice between black miso, brown miso, or kimchi base.




Sizzling Gyudon (PHP 348) & Sizzling Katsudon (PHP 268). Diners are also given the choice to experience these dishes in the customary way—served in rice bowls.



The Japaella (PHP 589), a marriage between the usual paella and the Japanese cuisine.



With John and Yoko owner, Ricky Laudico, Chef Nicole Nicolas and Chef Benjamin Gonzales.



And man, we were stuffed! (Special thanks to Brian Velasco who took most of these photos)


So many unexpected combinations make for good dining at John an Yoko. When In Manila, be sure to try them out and be amazed at this sensory adventure!




John and Yoko

Lower Ground Floor,

New Wing,

Alabang Town Center




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