J. CO Donuts and Coffee Shop Now Open at Greenbelt 3 Makati!

J. CO Donuts Greenbelt is Now Open!

When in Manila and on the prowl for insanely delicious sweet treats, you might’ve heard about the phenomenon that is J. CO Donuts and Coffee. The Indonesian donut shop franchise has swept the nation by storm, giving Filipinos something entirely new (and tasty!) to sink their teeth into. Like every other foreign sensation, the Filipinos welcomed J. CO donuts with open arms, as attributed by the success of their flagship store at SM Megamall. 

Donut heaven!



To satisfy the increasing demand for these morsels of gourmet heaven, J. CO Donuts and Coffee has finally opened their third store here in the Philippines at the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 3! I myself have waited in bated breath for the launch of this particular store; the coming soon sign has been up for months! The much-anticipated opening of J. CO donuts Greenbelt has finally taken place on Wednesday, July 04 2012, and has brought along with it a blitz of media, celebrities, and all-around foodies to sample the delights of the Indonesian invasion. (Photos by Hannah Adriano)

Inside the J. CO donuts Greenbelt store

The event was a sweet tooth’s dream come true, with unlimited J. CO donuts, J. Cool frozen yogurt, and J. Coffee up for grabs! Consider it the open bar of donuts; boy was I ready to get wasted.

Lots of gourmet donuts!


Scene Stealers: These guys sure did a good job of getting us to try the different J. Co donut varieties!

Guests enjoying their J. CO donuts and J. Coffee



Being your ever-reliable donut correspondent, I’ve taken it upon myself to sample as many J. CO donuts as possible to give you the lowdown on these one-of-a-kind treats. And the donuts sure didn’t disappoint! Each donut reeks of creative genius, and has an interesting story behind it. I love how J. CO donuts manage to put a playful and quirky spin on their offerings; ingredients, flavors and textures are all rendered in the most innovative way to create gourmet donuts with such “punny” names like the Alcapone, Jacky Chunk, Avocado Dicaprio, Why Nut, and Mona Pisa. The fun names are enticing enough to spark your curiosity about their flavors!

The aptly named “Jacky Chunk” donut!

Why Nut and Forest Glam donuts



J. CO donuts sure have everything down pat; their donuts are a feast for the eyes and taste buds as well! J. CO donuts are crafted from select ingredients of the highest quality, and you’ll know it the moment you taste it. Each bite is such an indulgence! The similar principle is applied in other products such as their J. Cool fat-free frozen yogurt, which you can have with an assortment of fruits and candy, and their J. Coffee selection, which offers a wide range of cappuccino, latte, and frappe delights!

It’s fat-free!


Take your pick from dozens of different fresh fruit and candy toppings!


Azkals spotting!



Trying Out the Different J. CO Donut Flavors

The Cheese Me Up donut up for grabs!


The very yummy Choco Caviar Chocolate and Choco Caviar Strawberry



Of course everyone should try the Alcapone, it is J. CO’s signature product and offers the perfect mix of sugar and crunch! Those California almond slivers are just sheer donut genius. Other donuts that piqued my interest were the Choco Caviar Strawberry, a perfectly sweet Strawberry donut with little chocolate surprises in every bite, and the Donna Italiano, rich and creamy Italian chocolate with a tinge of espresso, and a very light and fluffy filling at the center! The Cheese Me Up donut is also worth a try, biting into the gooey and chewy melted New Zealand cheesiness caught me by surprise, I was expecting it to be at least a little sweet!

The Avocado Dicaprio (on the right) next to the Meisisipi donut



Before slipping into my donut coma, I also got to taste the Avocado Dicaprio, another curious-looking donut! With its ring of chocolate shaving and avocado-flavored filling inside, it was enough to send me slipping into donut oblivion.

The wait is finally over, Makati-dwellers! Satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings now at the newly opened J. CO donuts and coffee store at Greenbelt today!

J. CO Donuts and Coffee

 Level 3, Greenbelt 3 (near cinemas)

Website: https://www.jcodonuts.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JCoDonuts.Pilipinas



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