Iza Calzado Shares What It’s Like Being Pregnant at 40

“The biggest surprise of 2022 for me” – this is how Iza Calzado Wintle described her first pregnancy at age 40. In an interview with Bianca Gonzalez, the actress thought that headlines would’ve been her as an “action star at 40”.

“But you know what, Bianca, God had other plans,” she continued after sharing that she and her husband Ben Wintle agreed that she would be focusing on her career this year, instead of trying to get pregnant. “God’s plans are always far greater than what my eyes can see, what my mind and heart can even conceive. Apparently, my womb conceived din.”

She emphasized, “this was unplanned, but of course, very highly appreciated.” According to her, the couple took a week to process the news. Nevertheless, Iza remains grateful that she can still able to continue her usual routine, including working out. She explained, “Of course, I have to scale down.”

“I was also mindful na not to push my body too much because I am very well aware that this could be a difficult pregnancy. And again, babalik ako sa gratitude kasi sobrang grateful ko na in-allow ako ng katawan ko, ng Panginoon, ng aking baby abundance to do the things that I’ve been doing,” she continued.

“They were right. Life does begin at 40,” Iza remarked. The soon-to-be-mom celebrated her 40th birthday last August 12, the same day she revealed her pregnancy. “To know that life is growing inside me is a great miracle. You are my miracle. You are my guiding light. Thank You, Lord, for the most beautiful birthday gift. Our abundance,” she expressed.

Watch Iza Calzado’s interview with CinemaNews below:

Iza Calzado also recently trended online for her role as the original Darna or Leonor Custodio, Narda (Jane De Leon)’s mom on “Darna” (2022 TV Series).

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