‘It’s going to be alright but’ as per LANY’s Thru These Tears

Words by Jesus Arturo F. Dalumpines III

This one is for the lovely people who are striving each day to let go and move on, grasping the joy back alone. This song is for you. Isn’t it funny how a single tune can spurt out a lot of memories?

The moment you know it’s over, you wouldn’t believe it’s over. Making the truth wait outside the door of your heart, barricaded by overly-fond dumb stuff and wishful lies for your supposed to be future. Preparing for battles even though the war was already lost.

You thought you had forever in your hands. And after loving it so bad now comes a thief, the breakup. Hurts like hell after leaving like a hurricane, now all you can see from here is a blur due to the held back tears from your eyes.

Despite the thoughts that will enter your mind, you know for a fact that even you are piled beneath these pain and heartaches, it’s still going to be alright (eventually).

Your heart won’t really be much of a help at this point as it constantly betrays you. The feelings and memories you are begging to drop and forget. You see it even with your eyes closed, you hear it despite the noise, you even taste it with your mouth shut.

Now playing the blame game. Putting fault on literally everyone and everything but yourself. The maybe’s will also pop out. Maybe I did that. Maybe it’s just gonna be like that. Maybe because of them. Maybe if it was someone else, it would have been different. I think maybe you should step back a little to see the bigger picture.

Treating life’s daily routine as morphine to overcome the excruciating pain. But no matter how much you numb yourself to the pain, at one point your strength will just run out, tired of pretending to be okay.

And when you have run out of things to paint fault on…

Boom, it hits you. All the why’s and cries, the tears won’t just run out. It will hit you one way or another. Asking all the questions where did it all go wrong. Seeking for answers everywhere just to justify your heart’s vindication. Feeling lost in your emotions, but let me remind you that even at this point, it is okay.

As if knowing the answers in your current state will change what has been done (maybe that’s why the answers aren’t given so generously?).

It’s alright to cry, let it all out. That’s okay, it means that you really gave out your heart to love. Even if you feel that you are short-changed, don’t be. Because the love that you have to offer will be received abundantly by the one who truly deserves. Just be patient for it will come.

And yes, you were left up high here on your own where you firmly believed what you had was so real and clear. But now it’s gone, leaving you to fall down so hard. Lying down next to the flowers on the floor, drowning in your tears.

But after the great fall and the dust have settled, you will realize that you are strong enough to pick yourself up from the dirt and you are even strong enough to love again. It’s one of the things that makes love so damn beautiful.

And you will be happy for everything that took place because it prepared you for something you never expected to be greater.

Beautiful things take time and don’t you dare not consider yourself one. For you will have your peace again, you will have your joy back, and you will feel so complete more than ever one fine day. You will be able to smile and laugh truthfully again. You are just placing a period to a drastic but meaningful chapter in your amazing life. 

But until then, it’s okay not to hold back any tears. Embrace the pain now and believe that one day, you will be okay again.