Italianni’s Gateway: Great Food, Great Wine, Great Company

When in Manila, perhaps the best Italian cuisine can be found in Italianni’s where its branch in Gateway Mall, Cubao was recently renovated to serve its guests better.

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Italianni’s: Great Food, Great Wine, Great Company

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Italianni’s: Great Food, Great Wine, Great Company

Last August 16, a few of us bloggers were invited to enjoy the restaurant’s cozy ambiance, as well as try a number of their signature and new dishes on the menu.

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Italianni’s: Great Food, Great Wine, Great Company

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Italianni’s: Great Food, Great Wine, Great Company

Italianni’s has always been one of my favorite restaurants ever since I was a little girl, especially when I’m craving for excellent pasta and ravioli. My usual orders would be Baked Ravioli—cheese-filled raviolis with mozzarella cream, drizzled with pomodoro sauce and basil pesto, and Carbonara Classico. However, last Thursday I decided to try something new, which is why I ordered the Seafood Risotto—made of salmon, shrimp and calamari, sautéed in white wine and simmered in their seafood-flavored Arborio rice. Not only is it healthy, it was incredibly yummy, too.

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Baked Ravioli (P425)

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Seafood Risotto (P695)

italiannis 9

Italian Pockets (New on the Menu!)

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Fruity Carrot (New on the Menu!)

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Fresh Grape Shake (P140)

Aside from that, I was able to try a bite of one of my best friend’s orders—Stuffed Mushroom, a delightful plate of oven-roasted mushroom caps, stuffed with Italian sausage, fresh spinach, herbs and three Italian cheeses, and the Grilled Salmon Oregano—perfectly grilled salmon fillet served with potato wedges and sautéed vegetables.

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Stuffed Mushroom (P450)

italiannis 12

Grilled Salmon Oregano (P550)

If you’re a huge fan of pizza, I would definitely recommend the new Angus Beef, which explodes in a variety of succulent flavors, especially the juicy beef itself. I was hesitant to try it at first, because I usually like my pizzas plain—as in just cheese and nothing else, but this one compelled me to grab another slice!

italiannis 10

Angus Beef Pizza

If there’s one thing Italianni’s is known for other than delectable appetizers and mains, it’s also their mouth-watering desserts. As a self-proclaimed sweet tooth, I really enjoyed their classic New York Cheesecake, and the Tartufo—a three-layered chocolate cake with dark and white chocolate mousse covered with fudge frosting.

italiannis 15

New York Cheesecake (P450)

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Tartufo (P450)

A definite must-try and that I think no other can compete with is the Italianni’s Panna Cotta—an Italian vanilla custard, served with your choice of mangoes, blueberry, or honey syrup with walnuts. I had mine with honey syrup and walnuts. The creamy texture, combined with the light syrup makes each scoop more scrumptious than the last.

Just thinking about it already makes my tummy grumble.

italiannis 14

Panna Cotta (P295)

With their ongoing Bistro@50 Stores Campaign, the Bistro Group is offering 50% off a house specialty per concept for the next two months, in celebration of hitting 50 stores this 2012. Enjoy the Italianni’s Salad Feast Wednesdays this August and get a half off one of their specialties, the Sicilian Chicken Salad.


When in Manila, check out the newly renovated branch of Italianni’s in Gateway Mall, Cubao, and help yourselves to the best of Italian cuisine in the Metro.




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Italianni’s Gateway: Great Food, Great Wine, Great Company