Is This Doll Emma Watson or Justin Bieber?

Not sure if this is Emma Watson as Belle or Justin Bieber in a yellow dress and wig?

Disney recently released a Belle doll from the Disney Collection line to help promote the Beauty and the Beast live-action movie showing this summer. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own a Belle doll that looks like Emma Watson? The doll was meant to resemble the likeness of Emma Watson and somewhere along the production of the said doll, it started to kind of look like Justin Bieber. Yes? No? Maybe? It was shared on Flickr and Twitter (thank you, Internet!).Ā Check this out:


Not really sure how to react to this. Does it look like the Biebs? If that doesn’t convince you, here is a comparison photo of Emma Watson and the Biebs with the doll.


Apparently, this doll isn’t available for purchase on their website anymore šŸ™ How lucky would we have been to own this figure! If the movie becomes a blockbuster hit, the prices of this doll will surelyĀ skyrocket! Guess Disney has some revisions to do!

Who’s your favorite Disney Princess? Which ones would you like to seeĀ in a live-action movie? Let us know! šŸ˜€