Is the Trending “Dinosaur Chicken” Just For Show? We Checked It Out Ourselves!

In case you missed it, people online have been sharing their peculiar experiences with the classic Chicken McDo at McDonald’s.

Apparently, the iconic fried chicken is now bigger than what we previously enjoyed. The size of the Chicken McDo has increased, and people have jokingly called it “Dinosaur Chicken”.

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Of course, with the recent increasing popularity of McDonald’s Chicken McDo a.k.a. “Dinosaur Chicken”, a lot of skeptics were also quick to wonder if the viral posts online were real.

So, being a curious fried chicken lover, I decided to check it out myself! I tried the classic Chicken McDo meals in different branches to test it out (and also as an excuse to eat lots of fried chicken).

Here’s how it went:

Chicken McDo Order No. 1

For the first Chicken McDo, we ordered via drive-thru in one of the provincial McDonald’s branches. I got one 1-piece Chicken McDo meal and one 2-piece Chicken McDo meal.

Mcdo 7459

When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to see massive fried chicken pieces in my meals. The two pieces of Chicken McDo almost didn’t fit in the take-out container.

It’s also worth noting that even if we ordered via drive-thru, our Chicken McDo was still super crispy when we got home. As someone who loves extra crispy and flaky fried chicken skin, I couldn’t get enough of it!

Chicken McDo Order No. 2

For the next Chicken McDo, we ordered a 2-piece Chicken McDo meal via delivery, with one spicy Chicken McDo and one original.

Chicken McDo

Like our first order, this Chicken McDo meal boasts huge fried chicken pieces! Although the spicy one was a bit smaller than the other pieces, it was still bigger than the Chicken McDo I remember from years ago.

Even though it was delivered (meaning it took a bit of time on the road before we got to eat it), the Chicken McDo was still crispy and still juicy!

The classic Chicken McDo didn’t just improve in size, but also in the crunchiness of the skin, and juiciness of the meat.

Chicken McDo Order No. 3

For our final order, we got the classic 1-piece Chicken McDo via dine-in.

At this point, I wasn’t too surprised to see how big the fried chicken was. It seems that our favorite Chicken McDo truly improved its size!

Chicken McDo 9101

I also noticed how juicier and tastier this classic dish has become. Before, I would always ask for the leg or thigh part to make sure I could enjoy the juiciest parts of fried chicken. But now, it looks like I can enjoy any Chicken McDo part because it has become juicier and tastier.

The Chicken McDo has, yet again, cemented its top spot into my list of favorite foods!

Even Celebrities Love The Chicken McDo

It looks like the “Dinosaur Chicken” or the bigger Chicken McDo is here to stay and to be enjoyed by all—no matter which branch they try it in.

If you weren’t a fan of fried chicken before, these improvements to the Chicken McDo just might change your mind.

Even more and more celebrities are talking about the bigger and better Chicken McDo, including Vice Ganda, Marian Rivera, and Dingdong Dantes:

If you’re still skeptical and haven’t had the chance to order and try Chicken McDo recently, this is your sign to try it out today!

The Chicken McDo is available in all McDonald’s branches nationwide via dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

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