Is Sony Finally Launching PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders This Week?

Is it true that Sony is officially revealing the price of its much-awaited next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, and launching the pre-order period this week?

Well, according to rumors, they are, after a branch of the largest video game retailer in the UK, GAME Guildford, revealed in a now-deleted tweeted that Sony is dropping the PS5 announcement on September 9, Wednesday (September 10, Thursday, Manila time). Fortunately, the Internet has kept receipts and the screenshot of the tweet can be found below:

Gamers also noted the significance of the date as it marks Sony PlayStation’s 25th anniversary.

Obviously, it’s all speculation, and nothing is confirmed. After all, Sony had already mentioned at the start of this week as they roll out PlayStation VR-related news that gamers mustn’t expect any announcements regarding the PS5. Still, there’s no harm in keeping a lookout for surprises. After all, we’re nearing holiday season which means that the launch is just around the corner!

Have you already started saving up for its release? Let us know in the comments!

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