Is Pacquiao-Bradley 3 worth watching?

It’s official: Manny Pacquiao will face Timothy Bradley a third time on April 9 in MGM Grand.


The news broke out just before the turn of the year, and boy, many were not happy about it.

Would a Pacquiao-Bradley fight be worth the watch? After all, it’s going to be the third match in the series, and none of the first two were memorable nor competitive enough to last.

Well, it’s hard to say for certain — but one thing is for sure: a new Bradley will be dancing around the ring with the people’s champ on April.

We’ve seen Bradley’s new game after he knocked Brandon Rios out on the 9th round late last year for the WBO Welterweight title; it was the match that almost ended Rios’ boxing story.

With his new trainer Teddy Atlas, Bradley’s days with the Joel Diaz-boxing style might be long gone, and the dawn of a new Bradley boxing might be on the horizon.

Another factor that might make this match worth watching is the idea that it is (or could be) Pacman’s “final fight” on the boxing ring.

Since Pacquiao entered the professional boxing scene, his name made leaps and bounds; being boxing’s only eight-division titleholder, watching him on the ring for the last time would be a sad day for the boxing world.

And after losing via unanimous decision to Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest, highest-grossing, and possibly the biggest “meh” fight of his career, Pacquiao might be itching to redeem himself in this fight.

Of course, it would be a breath of fresh air if the champ squared off with either Amir Khan or Terence Crawford, but hey, it’s a new year, let’s give Bradley the benefit of the doubt.

Hopefully, Pacquiao won’t be hiding any shoulder injuries in this next fight.

How about you? What’s your take on Pacquiao-Bradley 3?


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