iPhone Photography Tips: 5 Steps to Better Phone Photos

iPhone Photography Tips



When In Manila, Make Your iPhone Photography Better with Top 5 iPhone Photography Tips


Though you might have a feeling that the photos clicked using an iPhone will not be as good as the ones taken using a DSLR or a professional camera. With a few iPhone Photography Tips and tricks, you can make use of this light-weight wonder to click amazing pictures, anytime, anywhere, with the ease of carrying it around.



iPhone Photography Tips 

iPhone Photography Tips 5 Steps to Better Phone Photos WhenInManila

iPhone Photography Tips: 5 Steps to Better Phone Photos



1. Position

Hold your iPhone like you hold a regular camera to take pictures. Use both your hands to hold the phone and look through the screen instead of looking through the sides of the phone. Also, move around the object or the person being clicked, to see the image on the screen at various angles. Being so handy, you can hold the iPhone high up or to the ground level very easily. You could also keep the iPhone at various angels, instead of you moving around.



2. Zooming

Do not use the zoom in function of the iPhone. Instead, move closer to the object or person and click the picture. If you zoom, the images become more grainy and pixilated. A no zoom photo taken using an iPhone is found to display the same result as the one taken using a DSLR camera with the zoom in capability. Instead of focusing on more than one object, focus on only one object to click images of good quality.



3. Light

Light makes a lot of difference to the shots taken. While clicking photos using an iPhone, ensure there is enough light, as a low intensity light will result in grainy images. Unless you are taking outdoor snaps, keep some light source behind you and the object/person to ensure the source is visible enough for you to shoot. Get the photo source face the object for a clearer view of the object.



4. Picture Quality and Resolution Settings

Try to be still while taking photos. Also, set the picture quality and resolution settings properly. Set it to the settings of highest standards. Experiment with a few clicks to learn if the changes made adhere to your photo requirements. See if you can get something to lean your hand, so as not to shake the iPhone. You could even fix the camera in a position suitable to click the snap, and then, ensuring the settings are properly chosen and the iPhone focuses on the object, start clicking. This is beneficial especially for those who think the iPhone has a shutter lag. This also ensures that the iPhone does not shake or result in shaky and blurred images.



5. Lens

Clean the lens of the iPhone periodically. As it’s a phone that you use it frequently, the lens might get dirty and this calls for proper cleaning. If the lens is not clean, you will be unable to view the subject clearly. It is also important to clean the lens before taking the shots. Ultimately, you will see the difference in the resulting shots.



If you are done with your photo shoot using your iPhone, do not delete those images that you think are for the trash bin. Transfer the images to your laptop and keep the ones that are well-defined and clear. In most cases, the ones that you thought were rubbish, turns out to be the best of the shots. 


When In Manila, be sure to try out these iPhone Photography Tips to help you take better photos with your handy dandy iPhones!  


iPhone Photography Tips: 5 Steps to Better Phone Photos

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