iPearl and Krusell cases for iPad Air: Stylish, Fashionable, Functional

iPearl and Krusell cases for iPad Air: Stylish, Fashionable, Functional


When In Manila, cases are always a need to protect our gadgets from dropping and from uhmm…. bending? hehe! There are 2 case brands that is very affordable and have done well for me in the past, and now, they are serving me well once again with my iPad Air! Keeping my iPad Air fun to use and stylish to boot! They are the iPearl and Krusell brands.

Locally, they can be found online from Kimstore, or from their physical shop, Technopop. These cases are great because they work with auto sleep and wake function just like the Apple smart cover, better about it though is the fact that it protects not only the screen and also has a stand for your entertainment needs! Pretty cool huh? And just before I forget, they are on 65% off SALE at Kimstore!!! It’s a 65% off deal exclusive online to Kimstore. New Price: Php 700 / Old Price: Php 1,990. So check the specifics out below:




iPearl (California)

iPearl is a topnotcher in Amazon.com in terms of product sales and 5-star quality reviews. Once you go iPearl, you won’t go back.


Krusell (Sweden)

Krusell is a Swedish company with a mission to serve the world with outstanding bags and cases for mobile electronics.  They are the best in mobile clothing for Sony (Made for Xperia partnership) and Nokia (Works with Nokia).


* All have auto wake and sleep function
* All have stand functions for watching movies and clips
* All made with premium and original leather
Designs Available:
iPearl California’s Origami Leather Flipcover

Colors: Red, Blue, Violet, Black, Pink
Unique features: foldable in many ways, free stylus


iPearl California’s KiKi Leather Flipcover
Colors: Red, Pink, Black

Unique design: young girl chilling in an urban landscape


iPearl California’s Executive Leather Flipcover
Colors: Executive Black, Jujubu Red, Tungsten Blue, Champagne Gold
Unique design: smooth matte leather gives off that first class vibe

Krusell Swedish Flipcover Cases
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Orange
Unique design: bright colours that subtly catch attention


Here are some photos of the cases:



Kimstore_Krussel_iPearl_iPad05 Kimstore_Krussel_iPearl_iPad04 Kimstore_Krussel_iPearl_iPad03 Kimstore_Krussel_iPearl_iPad02


Kimstore Website

iPearl and Krusell cases for iPad Air: Stylish, Fashionable, Functional