Introducing PISTA-gisan 2021: The PATTS Inter-Collegiate MICE Skills Competition

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

Are you in or out? —There’s only one way to find out!


We present to you, from 1Turismo Productions, the variety of COMPETITIONS to choose from and participate in the “PISTA-gisan 2021: The PATTS Inter-Collegiate Mice Skills Competition” Virtual Event this coming November 29 – December 03, 2021 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM via zoom.


PISTA-gisan 2021: The PATTS Inter-Collegiate MICE Skills Competition is a 5-day webinar incorporated with a skills-based competition that will allow the participants to showcase and share their current knowledge and skills such as creativity, analytical, and critical thinking skills, and develop enhancement of learnings from invited speakers in the industry. 


Everyone is welcome to attend. For the competition, contestants must be students of BS Tourism Management, Travel Management, Hospitality / Hotel, and Restaurant Management, Cruise Line Operations.


The following are the competitions you can participate in:




The Festival Makeup and Costume Competition helps promote one of the most celebrated events in the Philippines, the Festivals. This competition highlights some of the biggest festivals in the country and allows the contestants to turn these into a work of art. This will enable them to think outside the box and uncover their creativity through the use of makeup and costumes.




Digital Arts Competition urges students to bring out their creativity by crafting a digital poster and maximizing the use of technology that is available to present an astounding work of art. This competition aims to help the contestants express their perspectives towards their interpretation of Philippine MICE in the new normal. 




MICE Destination Proposal and Campaign Competition shall assess the creativity and analytical skills of each participating team. The competition aims to provide a platform for tourism and hospitality students to showcase their marketing process in planning and implementing a MICE Destination Campaign. It will also enable other students from different colleges all over the Philippines to learn from each other through an exchange of information.




That’s My Prof is a national pageant for Tourism and Hospitality Professors in the archipelago. The pageant will showcase the Ganda, Galing, at Talino of our beloved professors. #KamiNaman


Registration Fees and Payment


  1. Registration fee for attendees is P 400.00 / PER PERSON
  2. The registration fee in the Skills-based competition for contestants are as follows:




Competition Registration Fees
FMCC Festival Make-Up & Costume P 800.00 / PER ENTRY
DAC Digital Arts Competition P 800.00 / PER ENTRY
MICE MICE Destination Proposal and Campaign Competition P 1,000.00 / PER TEAM
TMP That’s My Prof P 800.00 / PER ENTRY



  • For contestants is only up until November 5, 2021 — 11:59 PM
  • Registration link for contestants:


Make sure to REGISTER so you won’t miss the fun! See you there!