Interesting People or Things to Mount a Camera, if Possible

Interesting People or Things to Mount a Camera, if Possible


Had a personal camera (like a GoPro or ActionCam) existed since time immemorial, here are quite a few people or things where it could have been mounted that could have answered a lot of today’s questions. Well, given that the camera was indestructible as well.


A Dinosaur


Just imagine the thrill of seeing the meteor hit the earth that caused their extinction. This would probably be one of the scariest sci-fi thrillers ever.


The Great Pyramid

Pyramids of Giza Egypt

Because, you know…

Aliens Meme 


The Discovery of Fire 

Cavemen Fire

Mount the camera on the caveman who discovered fire. It would be funny to think like it’s the ancient version of Jackass where the caveman who discovered fire would tell his friends about it and show them just to freak them out. 


Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar 

It’s definitely Game of Thrones in real life.


Moses and Noah

Moses Noah

Moses, to see the plague, the burning bush, and the parting of the sea. Noah, from building the ark until they found dry land.

If all the writings were real.




This will definitely clear up a LOT of things.


The Person Who Shot Ninoy


This will also definitely clear up a LOT of things.


Adolf Hitler


The Hitler who isn’t giving speeches on rallies. To see just the everyday Hitler, doing regular stuff like us. He has been pictured to be very inhumane especially with the Holocaust. It’s quite horrifying to know that he also does normal stuff just like the rest of us.


Band Member on the Titanic

Band on Titanic 

If you have seen the movie Titanic, the band continued to play until their demise. It’s just chaos all around while these people try to overpower it with beautiful music like a tragic poem in the making.


Hijacker on the Plane that Hit the Twin Towers

Plane Twin Towers

Specifically on one of the hijackers who was piloting the plane that hit the Twin Towers. It may be gruesome but this point of view is something that we didn’t get to see. Imagine seeing the hijackers prepare for it, how they accepted the mission, and said their final goodbyes to their families to execute the mission.




The Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared. Where is it?


Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey 

For science. *wink wink*

This could be existing now so we can just scratch that off but.. science!


Care to add anyone or anything on the list? Share it with us on the comments. 




Interesting People or Things to Mount a Camera, if Possible