Integra Institute: Study Entrepreneurship, Fashion Technology, and Graphic Brand Design!

Integra Institute of Art, Business & Technology is offering programs for startup entrepreneurs, cost-conscious managers, fashion enthusiasts, fashion innovators and individuals who are passionate to learn some of the most in demand skills as of today. 

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Integra will commence with 3 core workshops which are Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Fashion Technology and Graphic Brand Design. 

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In Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, participants will learn: How to build a model for their first business quickly and affordably; Personal Assessment for Entrepreneurship and Business; The Language of Business; Business Life Cycle (From Idea to Startup); Financial Essentials; Startup Workshop and Investment Lab & more. 

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Fashion Technology on the other hand, focuses on skills on Design Research, Textile Study, Fashion Styling, Fashion Illustration, Branding, Building a Mood Board, Starting a Collection, and its core which is first in the country: Fashion Animation. In this workshop, participants will learn how to creatively present their fashion illustration and collection through moving pictures.

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Graphic Brand Design is ideal for cost-conscious entrepreneurs who want to create their own collaterals, and visual advertisements. It covers topics such as: Recognizing Personal Vision; Visual Communication;  Photoshop and Illustrator Essentials; Introduction to Branding; Conceptualizing a Brand; Understanding Colors; Effective Use of Typography; Creating a Branding Kit; Developing a Simple Website or Blog; Brand’s Presence in the Social Media and more. 

After seeing the emerging opportunities in today’s education, the founder, Rob Pengson said, “Integra is a school that will prepare the people today for the rapidly changing demands of industry through practical and integrated education that is resistant to automization due to the rise of emerging technologies that threaten various careers to the point of being obsolete”. Founded together with globally competitive mentors, the aim of integra is to equip its enrollees with the right skills to be able to cope with a technologically evolving environment. “As human beings, we have to evolve and develop the skills that make us human. When students join the Integra learning system, they are guaranteed innovative education that primes them for success today and for the future.”

There are also courses that will open soon. Some are Digital Design & Graphic Media, Management, Business Applications & Entrepreneurship, Fashion Technology & Digital Merchandising, Design & Construction For Real World Applications, and more in various disciplines.

Integra aims to change education is works today in a more understandable, practical style. Including only the content and practices that are integral, offered at a very competitive cost, Integra is now filling its slots faster than expected. To reserve your slot and claim their special 33% off, you may send an email at or you may call 721-8922 or 09957284044.

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