Instacause by Share Movement: Instagram for a Cause

“Instahoes.” “Narcissistic.” “Social media addicts.”

These are some judgmental words that are sometimes used to describe people who take Instagramming seriously. But Instagram is more than just a vehicle for self-expression. For some people, it is also a business and an online portfolio both for professional and amateur photographers.  The best thing about it is its ability to bring people together and spark a change. This is why I was happy to witness Share Movement‘s Instacause last March 14, 2015 in UP Diliman.

Instacause is a non-profit event that seeks to raise funds for the Joseph Feeding Mission. Jam Pangilinan (@jampangilinan), the founder of Share Movement, led the group in coming up with an educational photo walk. Famous Instagrammers and creative photographers Raniel Hernandez (@rayniyel) and Pat Nabong(@patnabong) came together for a photo walk around Diliman’s beautiful campus. Attendees learned practical tips on mobile photography from both of the photographers.

While attendees were busy snapping away, Shutter Panda Photography and Jam Pangilinan took BTS photos of the event:

Share Movement Instacause 1

Share Movement Instacause 2

Share Movement Instacause 3

Share Movement Instacause 4

Share Movement Instacause 5

Share Movement Instacause 7

Share Movement Instacause 8

Share Movement Instacause 9

Share Movement Instacause 10

Share Movement Instacause 11

Share Movement Instacause 12

Before the day ended, I was glad to meet friends and photographers. I also enjoyed learning so many things from Raniel and Pat, who were accommodated questions and even gave prizes for their favorite photo entries. It was a day well-spent in the beautiful campus of Diliman. 

Instagram is a powerful vehicle that should not be discredited. How we use that vehicle is up to us. Like Jam, Pat, and Raniel, it could be used to expand our portfolio, to meet new friends, and most of all, to use our talents to help those who need it the most. 

If you missed the photo walk and still want to learn from Pat Nabong and Raniel Hernandez, you could always learn by example and follow them on Instagram.

This is a screenshot of Pat Nabong’s Instagram feed. (@patnabong)


This is a screenshot of Raniel Hernandez’s Instagram feed. (@rayniyel) RAYNIYEL

 Share Movement continues to give creative workshops for a cause, so be sure to like their social media accounts to stay updated.

Share Movement



Instagram: @sharemovement


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