INSPIRING: Tricycle Driver Returns Wallet Containing PhP 9,000 in Cash

A netizen shared an inspiring story of a tricycle driver who returned the wallet she dropped. She heard that the tricycle driver was in need of money, but the driver returned her wallet nonetheless. The wallet contained money from a client’s payment amounting to approximately PhP 9,000.

Here’s the full story:

Tricycle Driver Returns Wallet

It was time to pick up Zaza from school. Hailed a tricycle, went in, and waited til we arrived. On the way, we had a quick stop – this driver talked to his friend on a motorcycle beside us – he was borrowing money. I wasn’t sure if he was given some but a few seconds later, we left for my destination. When we arrived, I took out my wallet, gave him my 8.00 fare, put back my wallet in my bag (or so I thought I did) and we went down, my baby JD in my arms.

I went in Zaza’s school still carrying JD, hugged and kissed Zaza as we arrived, and we walked out. As we were walking and talking, I asked Zaza what he wanted for dinner – I told him he could eat anything he wants tonight because a client paid. I reached for my sling bag to look for my wallet and it wasn’t there. My heart sank, I felt chills down my spine. Everything was there, ID’s, cash, cards… I called my mom, we were worried, and crying, and we prayed for a miracle.

A bantay bayan (J. Bacar) who was standing across the school noticed we were worried, he accompanied me to the barangay hall to meet another bantay bayan (Oray V.D.) and reported the incident. I was asked about the incident, asked to describe what I remembered with the trike and he then radioed his fellow bantay bayans to check on the trike stops in the area. He was found.

His name is Mr. Lito Batacandulo, an honest tricycle driver everyone should hear about. He returned my wallet containing around 9,000 in cash. I gave him the money he needed, doubled. I wish I could give him more for his honesty. I also gave some to the bantay bayans for their immediate assistance. I hope they continue to be honest and accomodating as they are. I hope kuya Lito will be rewarded more by the city, even the country.

Faith in humanity +1.

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