Inspiring: This Old Man Selling Toys in the Streets Will Teach You Contentment in Life

If you’re looking for something to cheer you up today, read this inspiring story. There are people out there who are strong enough to make a living but choose to do otherwise. While there are people with disabilities, and yet, they don’t let the problems hinder them from being a purposeful person.

Contentment is something we all need to practice. Oftentimes, when we know we are capable of getting more, we become greedy. Additionally, we see stories online of people who are capable of making a living but choose to do otherwise Instead, they scam people in the hopes of having a better life.

Luckily today, we came across an inspiring story of an old man who was seen by a Netizen selling toys in the streets.

According to Divine Viejon, she noticed the old vendor happily selling toys for kids. She has been waiting for someone to buy one, sadly, no one has stopped to buy his toys. So, she approached the old vendor and had a quick chat with him.

Here’s her story:

Una ko talagang napansin si tatay. The whole time kasi na nandun kami sa bandang harap niya, ni isa, walang bumili ng paninda niya. At bilang naaliw naman talaga kami ng pinsan ko sa athletic hello kitty and Doraemon ni tatay, lumapit na ako at nagtanong.

Ako: Tay, magkano po yan?

Tatay: 25 lang. Bili ka na para sa kapatid mo neng.

Ako: Ay bibili po ako tay pero para po sa akin. Hehe.

Tatay: Ay sige neng. Pampawala ng stress.

She felt that if the old man can be happy and content by selling those toys, what more for the people who are capable. The old man said to buy his toys to relieve stress, yet, his situation is more stressful than ours.

Divine also encouraged the Netizens who happen to swing by Bicutan area to buy at least one. The old man is selling in front of Landbank, General Santos Avenue near DOST, she explains on Facebook. Her post had spread good vibes and currently reached a little over 36k shares on Facebook.

Read the full story below:

Truly, happiness and contentment will never come to those who fail what they already have.

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