INSPIRING: This artist sketches people he encounters while commuting and his art is beautiful!

Sometimes we encounter the brightest of minds in places we don’t expect!

This Twitter user (@ashelijulyen) had the pleasure of bumping into Mr. Chito Sy Santiago, a budding artist who loves to sketch the people he sees on his daily commutes. The sketch (shown below) took him only 10 minutes to make and we are stunned by his talent!

Mr. Santiago says he started his quick sketching back in 2014. When he’s on a jeep or UV Express, he takes out his sketchpad and starts to survey the people around him and sketch.

[I]nstead na magsurf or games sa [cellphone] gusto kong iguhit ang bawat encounter kolalo na sa mga nakskasabay ko sa jeepney,UV Express, and I am happy doing this!! I want to share my skill to everyone! At kahit sa pagsketch ko sa kanila ay mapasaya ko rin [sila].

04Chito Santiago painting

One of Santiago’s paintings posted on his Facebook profile

When asked about why he does it, he said:

It’s my way of practicing and honing my craft. As the adage says: practice makes perfect.

And my dream and goal is for me to be able to sketch people all over the world. And this is not impossible for a person who wants to reach for his dream.

04Commuting sketch artist

The sketch he made of the Twitter user

You can check out more of his works on his Facebook profile here:

I hope I bump into him on my next journey!

Did this inspire you to go after your own dreams? Let us know!