INSPIRING: Security Guard offered to take care of dog when pets weren’t allowed in the establishment

Aren’t we all charmed at the sight of animals, especially when we have the opportunity to pet them?

Facebook user Angelo Cuizon took it to his Facebook account how he acknowledged the kindness and initiative of the security guard outside a fast food restaurant to take care of their pet dog while they attend a birthday party in the establishment upstairs.


A rough translation of his post:

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We attended a birthday party yesterday (July 22) at a fast food restaurant at Dasmariñas, Cavite. It so happened that we were with our dog Blake, a mini pinscher. We treated it like it was an ordinary day, we went inside the store like what we would normally do when we eat at a different restaurant or fast food establishment. This time, it was a different thing. Long and behold, we were faced with Kuya Guard. He suddenly gently tapped us, with a smile, and said, “Sir/Ma’am, sorry, but pets are not allowed inside, he can stay outside first.”

Initially, this put us in a bad mood knowing that in other establishments, Blake was allowed inside, plus he’s quiet and wearin a diaper. So for us, there was no reason for him to stay outside, another factor was we were attending the party on the second floor so he would stay there. We asked for a manager to explain that we are weren’t staying in the dining area and we were attending the party upstairs so we thought there was no reason for Blake to be outside. The manager insisted however that Blake wasn’t permitted. At this point, I was slowly starting to get annoyed since other than only them not allowing Blake to be inside the premises, at this time, we were also just waiting for a few relatives to go upstairs. The guard then suggested, “Sir, if you want, I could look after your dog so that you can go upstairs at the party, it seems like your dog is nice and has a carrier so I wouldn’t have a hard time.” 

At first, I was hesitant with the idea since I know Kuya Guard was at duty and the fear of him being tied up somewhere when we would leave to go upstairs, but he insisted. I told myself, “bahala na”. I told the idea to my girlfriend and her dad and at first, they weren’t okay with it but I told them that Kuya Guard was persistent. Soon my girlfriend’s older brother and mother arrived so we were ready to go upstairs. Kuya guard assured us that it was fine to leave Blake with him.

Fast forward: We attended the party and stayed there for 2-3 hours (we went down to check on Blake). It was just nice because a lot of the customers that saw Kuya Guard with Blake asked for a photo with him. After the party, I took a picture of Kuya Guard myself because he did a really nice gesture. 

For Kuya Guard at SG Palma, thank you for going above and beyond your normal work. Kudos to you because even if what you did isn’t a part of your work anymore, you still did it just so that we could attend the party. Thank you so much.

P.S., We gave him a tip but he didn’t want to accept it – the manager was there to witness everything, too. Again, thank you so much Kuya Guard, I hope there are more people like you willing to do everything to make their customers happy. You’re the man!!!


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 12.33.56 AM

Blake taking a nap, photo snapped by his owner Angelo

Don’t you just love employees who go beyond the extra mile to make their customers happy? We salute you, Kuya Guard!

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