Inspired PH’s Postcards Scream of Local Cuteness

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting (@dsdsrtytng)

Have you ever tried getting a postcard from a someone or have you ever sent one? With social media making many aspects of life more convenient and easy nowadays, postcards may seem like a last resort in terms of being souvenirs or pasalubong.

But Inspired PH, an online brand that creates Filipino stationery designs, brings this concept back and makes us believe in this traditional method once again with a modern and cute twist!

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Get one for the love of Bohol!

The name Inspired PH comes from the founders’ feeling of being inspired when putting up the business. Talk about blending passion and business!

Send one to someone who loves this hue! A set for sea-lovers for P85.

Here’s one surprising fact about the brand: although all of the postcards’ designs are inspired by the Philippines, it was actually founded by a couple from Russia who migrated to Dumaguete several years ago!

Jane, a graphic designer and post crosser, had a small dilemma about sending postcards. “I couldn’t find nice designs of postcards here in the Philippines to send to my friends,” she shares. “That’s why we decided to try to make our own postcards”.

Max, on the other hand, is a photographer; and together, they made aerial photo postcards. Later, their illustrator friend Olga from Ukraine joined their team. The three of them are now working under the name CausPlanet Inc.

Postcards Set Of 3, Artwork by Angelo Delos Santos

They also collaborate with local Dumaguete artists like Angelo Delos Santos whose artworks are said to be bestsellers! I personally fell in love seeing these designs; they’re all so fun to look at. Plus, they are very affordable!

Do you have one person in mind after seeing this?

They have a wide range of Filipino postcards, postcard sets, fridge magnets, notebooks, and posters. They’re all so cute, I’m pretty sure it’ll be hard for you to choose a few!

Panay postcard from a set of 15, P345 for the whole set. All your favorite islands in postcards!

Postcards (25-38PHP)

They also have this postcard and magnet set. Check out their Instagram for more details!

Fridge Magnets (P50-80)

The Map of The Philippines is one of their bestselling items. Put it in a frame or pin it to your wall, then get excited to roam the country for real! Posters in tubes (P190)

Notebooks (P65-240)

Inspired PH Maps got me in awe! Their team is currently planning to expand their collection of maps, too. “We’re really proud of it as it took us lots of time to design and explore most important Philippine Islands. We are crazy about maps, actually!”

Aside from that, their fridge magnets are super cute, as well! Perfect for travelers or tourists who collect magnets.

The PH transportation in postcards!

I found some of their items in a hostel during my trip in Dumaguete, but these are all available online. They accept various modes of payment. Check out their Instagram for more designs and items.  Did I mention that they’re planning to launch stickers soon? We are all excited for that!

Postcard Set of 3 featuring PH’s iconic species

Be it for a gift, a pasalubong, a souvenir, or a collectible; postcards, maps, and magnets are still in and they don’t have to be boring! Inspired PH has fun and unconventional designs that will truly appeal to today’s travel enthusiasts. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with sending and receiving postcards now, too!

They deliver locally for as low as P65 and you’ll get your order in 1-3 days.

Inspired PH

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