LOOK: These Travel-Inspired Minimalist Tees Are The Perfect Outfits For Wandering Souls

I’ve realized that travel has become such a desire in a lot of young people today. Many decide to leave their 9-5 jobs to go see the world, and I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. Why be stuck in the four corners of the same room every day when you can see the beauty of the world?

This is why there has also been an increase in people who have made travel a huge part of their lives–not exactly making travel their full-time job, but instilling travel into their daily lives even when they’re sitting at home.

The team behind HRZN is a great example of this.

Julie Quinto, Kristine Mae Adami, and Kristelle Joyce Adami started their own business out of their passion for travel. They launched HRZN in December of 2017, inspired by travel, nature, and art.

HRZN is an online shop that sells minimalist travel-themed shirts. Its name (read “horizon”) comes from the Greek word “horizo” which means “to divide” or “to separate” (this is aside from literally meaning the “line at which the sky and the earth’s surface appear to meet”).

The owners of HRZN thought that it perfectly describes their brand as being different from the others. And what sets this brand apart is the uniqueness of their designs that easily appeals to millennials. It’s definitely the perfect combination of travel and art.

Wanderful Soul in white // PHP 399

When asked about the concept of HRZN, they shared with WhenInManila.com:

We have been traveling quite a lot last year and originally thought of putting up a business around souvenir shirts. We noticed that most of the local shops have almost same designs, standard quality printed tees and tourists buy them. Sometimes because there’s not much choices. We knew we wanted something different. We developed the idea into creating our own designs, printed on a high-quality basic tee that is comfortable enough for everyday wear. Thus, our tagline, “Nothing Fancy, Just cool stuff”.

Dancing in the Moonlight in black // PHP 399

I, for one, instantly fell in love with their shirts as soon as I saw them. Not only were the designs perfect for the millennial minimalist traveler, the shirts themselves were also of great quality! They’re breathable enough to take on all types of travels–from backpacking in Asia to strolling around in Europe!

They have quite a variety of designs to choose from, so there should be one that fits your style and traveling needs. Plus, you get free stickers along with their shirts!

It’s time to take a step back from the standard travel shirts. Who says travel shirts can’t be fashionable? Now you can step up your travel OOTD game with HRZN.



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