Insane Instax PH: Join the Instax Craze!

The Instax craze have invaded When In Manila!

I still remember getting my first second-hand instax camera way back 2009 and it was an early version of the instax line. It was fun and exciting — nothing beats the surprise element that comes from film! But way back then, instax films were more expensive as is was not very popular here in the Philippines. Call it a definite killjoy to keep in mind that you have to make every shot count because well, each film isn’t cheap. 

However, the Instax cameras have started a craze this year and looks like everyone is enjoying the fun that an Instax camera brings! More instax cameras have rolled in and also, more films and even accessories!! And I am going to share one of my favorite Instax shops online! 

Insane Instax PH

I think the name itself already tells it all! Insane Instax PH is an online shop in facebook that I came across early this year and it was great to see how their instax merchandise have expanded and they offer them at competitive prices. From cameras, lenses/filters, accessories for your instax and the films! Don’t even get me started on the films — they offer A LOT of variety of the instax film: Plain films (which you can spice up with the masking stickers), Candy Pop, Barbie for the girly-girls, Disney Princesses and a lot more! I even get to try to use the Monsters, Inc. film and it was awesome! 

Read on as we have a very special surprise for our beloved When In Manila readers! 😉


Insane Instax PH is the brainchild of partners Alex and Kate. They both have the interest towards these instant cameras and thought, why not sell them and share their interest to many. Insane Instax PH opened mid last year and ever since, the craze and love for instax just grew!


The girls behind Insane Instax PH is a power duo, while both have full-time commitments, they effectively manage Insane Instax on the side and having fun while they’re at it. What’s great is that they both use the products they sell so that ensures that they are selling the good stuff.

Here are some of Insane Instax PH’s products:


We did a color-themed shot with the new Instax Mini 8 and I can’t help but fall in love with all the colors!

If you decide to get a pink camera, then why not pair it with the pink Cath Kidston or Barbie film?


Now, don’t we all love our Minions?

Insane Instax PH has the accessories to make your Instax photos more awesome!  


For the Panda lovers, a Panda Instax mini 7s with panda close-up lens and a panda pouch!


A burst of color! Featuring the newest Instax camera, the Instax 90 Neo. And look! Yup, that’s an Instax camera flash drive!  The Neo instax takes awesome photos, even in low-light conditions like concerts!

 You can check out Insane Instax PH at the St. James Bazaar in Ayala, Alabang on November 29 to December 1, 2013.


When In Manila, we like you to join the Instax craze and give you the chance to win these awesome prizes from Insane Instax PH!



To join, just follow the easy steps below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget to tag two friends on Twitter! 😉

Note: This contest is open to Philippine residents. The prize can be claimed from Insane Instax PH and will be sent via shipping.

Giveaway runs from October 24 to November 3, 2013. Tue winner will be announced on November 4, 2013.


Insane Instax



Contact #: 0915 965 8813



Insane Instax PH: Join the Instax Craze!


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