Indulge in Delectable Japanese Treats This Holiday Season at JETRO Okurimono Holiday Food Fair

Get ready to embark on a delicious journey to Japan this holiday season as the JETRO Okurimono Holiday Food Fair returns with a festive flourish. 

This year, the fair will be hosted not only once but thrice, making its way to three prominent mall destinations: SM Mall of Asia Hypermarket, SM Makati Supermarket, and Mitsukoshi BGC. From November 16, 2023 to January 3, 2024, these locations will transform into havens of Japanese delights, offering a unique blend of authentic Japanese food, liquor, and confectionery products.

Savor Gifts from Japan

The Okurimono Holiday Fair is not just about experiencing the flavors of Japan; it’s about sharing the joy of gift-giving during the holiday season. This year’s theme, “Gifts from Japan,” encourages shoppers and foodies to explore a wide range of Japanese products that make for perfect gifts for loved ones and even a treat for themselves.

JETRO japanese delights

Photo: Therese Aseoche

This event holds great significance in promoting Japanese food, liquor, and confectionery products to the local market. With Filipinos’ vibrant culinary culture and an appetite for diverse flavors, JETRO hopes the fair will be the ideal platform to showcase the richness and uniqueness of Japanese cuisine by highlighting the diverse flavors and cultural significance of Japanese food and traditions. 

Explore authentic offerings of Japan — carefully curated to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. The fair will be a treasure trove of popular Japanese products, including liquor, confectionery, and food products, making it the ultimate destination for food enthusiasts, young professionals, and families.

Deliciousness to Expect

The second Okurimono Holiday Fair is set to highlight three of Japan’s best culinary offers. Shoppers can sample the finest Japanese sake and other unique Japanese beverages, satisfy their sweet tooth with a delightful array of Japanese confections, and experience the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine with an array of food products.


Ramune is a popular Japanese carbonated soft drink available in a Codd-neck bottle, which is a heavy glass bottle with an opening sealed by a round marble due to the pressure of the carbonated contents. The name ‘Ramune’ is derived from a Japanese borrowing of the English word lemonade.

Miyakanbai Junmai-Ginjo Sake

This signature Sake attracts with a delicate fragrance reminiscent of spring flowers in Miyagi Prefecture. Fruity aromas lead to a palate of juicy strawberry, pear and apple. It is made with Miyama Nishiki milled to 55%, which gives a ripe rice flavor with a clean smooth finish and a touch of sweetness. It has an ABV of 15%.

Hino-Shizuku Yuzu Sake

Brewed by Kanbai Brewery in Osaki, this Sake is flavored with Yuzu grown organically in the famed Umaji Village of Kochi Prefecture. The fruits are carefully selected, hand squeezed, and added along with the zest to Miyakanbai Ginjo grade sake. Due to lengthy soaking of the Yuzu peel, there is a wonderful range of flavors from the fresh Yuzu extract, the result is an exceptionally refreshing liquor. 

Premium Saikoro Steak

This bite-sized cubed beef steak is a Japanese invention that’s easy to pick up with chopsticks. The tender meat is rich in umami, a beloved meaty flavor that’s great when pan-fried or grilled. Both sauces (wasabi flavor and grated onion, apple, garlic) are soy-based.

Meltique Sirloin Steak

Meltique is a favorite beef product with beef tallow to simulate marbling for consistency and guaranteed quality. This process allows the natural juice to be retained as the marble is cooked out with no reduction in yield.

Nippon Ham Smoked Pork Sausage

Sink your teeth into this smoky and succulent sausage. Seasoned to perfection, these mini Japanese style pork sausages by Nippon Ham Foods are made from quality ground pork combined with flavourful and unique seasonings.

Kaki Mukimi Oyster

These medium- and large-sized oysters are grown in Japanese oyster farms to ensure consistency and world-class quality. The oysters are shucked and frozen to seal in its freshness.

Hobo Kani Imitation Crab Meat

This imitation crab meat has an unbelievable genuine taste and look. It’s low in calories and high in protein.

Imuraya Yawamochi Ice Dessert Cup

Yawamochi is made of three layers (chewy and soft texture Mochi, sweetened Azuki bean paste, and frozen dessert) and you can enjoy the Matcha (green tea) flavor with its unique texture. Despite being frozen, the Mochi keeps its soft and chewy texture because of Imuraya’s patented manufacturing technology.

Fujiya Milky Cream Puff 

Milk is the main ingredient for this favorite sweet treat. Fujiya also makes cream puffs with ice cream filling, which is perfect for the Philippines’ tropical heat.

Sliced Crepe Cake

The numerous layers of paper-thin crepes are stacked with strawberry-flavored whipped cream, making this dessert light yet satisfyingly creamy.

Sakura Hokkaido Ice Cream

Sakura lends a subtly floral flavor to this beloved creamy treat with a touch of earthiness from vanilla and coconut. The ice cream is made with Hokkaido milk for intense creaminess and silky texture.

Mochi Parfait

The rich aroma and mild taste of matcha green tea is blended into the parfait. Along with the matcha aroma that spreads in your mouth, the mochi (sticky rice cake) pleasantly envelops your tongue. 

Farm8 Ponshu Gria

This is Japan’s fruity answer to sangria. It’s best enjoyed mixed with your choice of sake or sparkling water.

Nagatoya Peach Caramel Popcorn

Made from white peaches, its gentle sweetness combines beautifully with the subtle saltiness of the popcorn.

Yamazakura Tokubetsu Junmai

This sake offers a nice balance of sweetness and acidity with a pleasant finish along with notes of bitterness and umami. Its ABV is 15%.

Hokkaido Milk Sable Cookies

Made from Hokkaido’s finest ingredients of flour, chicken eggs, butter, and milkc these sable cookies are light, delicate, and deliciously creamy. 

Sapporo Soup Curry Potato Snack

This favorite potato snack celebrates the famous flavors of Sapporo’s curry soup in a fun and delicious treat. 

Hokkaido Melon Jelly

This Japanese treat is soft, juicy, and fragrantly sweet — just like real melons from Hokkaido!

Hakodate Ikasumi Potato Snack

This is a crispy potato snack with a unique squid ink flavor. 

Hokkaido Cheddar Baked Cheese blended with Camembert Cheese

This delectable and indulgent cheese snack is best paired with coffee, tea, or even wine!

Tokachi Butter Flavor Jaga Stick

This crispy potato snack is flavored with Hokkaido’s Tokachi butter that’s known for its rich, creamy and distinctively sweet and nutty taste.

Jelly in Hokkaido Haskap Chocolate

This irresistible treat combines the lusciousness of berries and the richness of chocolate.

Hokkaido Chocolate

This favorite snack has milk-flavored cream wrapped in delicate white chocolate. 

In addition to shopping for unique gifts, this year’s Okurimono Holiday Fair offers a range of exciting interactive activities to engage shoppers and visitors.

Join us in celebrating the Okurimono Holiday Fair and indulge in the authentic flavors of Japan. Mark your calendars for these exciting dates:

SM Mall of Asia Hypermarket: November 16 – November 30, 2023

SM Makati Supermarket (in front of UNIQLO): November 19 – December 31, 2023

Mitsukoshi BGC (in front of Mitsukoshi FRESH): November 16, 2023 – January 3, 2024

The Okurimono Holiday Fair is just one of the many events mounted by JETRO as part of the “Bringing A Taste of Japan” campaign in Metro Manila. For updates, visit