Indie Film Art Director Allegedly Becomes Latest ‘Victim’ of War on Illegal Drugs

A few days back, I read a heart-breaking story about a drug user who was killed in Pasay City. Okay, you’d say, “oh that’s okay, he’s an adik anyway.” But what struck me is what his brother said, “that every family has one like him.”

Okay, let’s not wash hands and point fingers because if we really look into it. It’s probably true.

That someone may be a distant uncle who borrowed a few thousand pesos from you some years ago and still never paid you back. Or that someone may be a cousin who you were close to in elementary but dropped out of high school and never heard from again.

We are not sanitized. That someone may be a distant relative or may even be someone dear to us, we just didn’t know.

And it’s good if that someone got rehabilitated. Got a second chance.

But what’s sad is something like this…

Apparently, an indie film art director, a son to a mother, a brother to sibling, a budding artist, died allegedly due to the ongoing war on illegal drugs.

I don’t know him personally so I can’t attest if he’s really innocent. But still, he is someone significant to someone else. Heck, he may even be someone else’s everything.

When it gets too close to home, we realize that what’s happening is sad and scary.

According to a post on Dayang Asu’s Facebook page, (Dayang Asu is the title of the indie film he worked on):


Jemar Alfonso was our setman during the shooting of Dayang Asu in Pampanga last year. He was alert and always on his toes the whole time, taking great care of all the props and set dressing needed for the scene we were shooting. Because of his skill and command in his work, he became our Art Director for the second leg of the shoot. And with the love and help from a lot of people, we were able to make a film.

Last Wednesday, September 21, 2016 an entrapment operation was conducted in Barangay Sauyo wherein 2 men were shot and killed. One of them was Jemar. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It breaks our heart to lose someone from the team, especially this way. We offer our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. We feel blessed to have you in our team and we are thankful forevermore of the time and talent you have dedicated to Dayang Asu.

We condemn the lack of due process. We will not forget you and those who were killed senselessly by the ongoing war on illegal drugs.

I’m not against the war on drugs. Like them, it’s the lack of due process that makes it heart-breaking.

I hope we are on the right track on this war.

But aren’t there other important things that we also need to look into and wage an all-out war? Like traffic, poverty, education?

Or is it easier to pull the trigger?

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