IN THE MIX SHOW RECAP: Two Door Cinema Club’s Performance Hits Home

Photos by Eunick Nobe and Jemina Mission

In The Mix 2017-28 (3)

For all the good things that happened to me this year, this is definitely one of the best moments. Seeing Two Door Cinema Club live, although they looked like blurry kids singing their hearts out because I left my glasses, I could feel them knocking on my heart and soul.

I sang my heart out among the teenage crowd who were definitely looking forward to watch other music acts. I didn’t care at that time because they were just so awesome and pure on stage.


People heard their music and appreciated it.

Loved it, even. On the other hand, me and my fellow TDCC fans, we heard them talking to us through their songs. Any fan would tell you–their lyrics hit home.

Check out my top song picks from their performance at In The Mix 2017.


Changing of the Seasons

This is one of my favorite songs simply because people are just so harsh. They like promising things they can’t keep.

“I won’t forget you.” “You’re the best friend I can ever find and no can replace you.” “I won’t leave like everyone else.” All I can say is that, “When you say you won’t forget me, well, I can tell you that’s untrue” People often leave without explanation. We thought it’ll be a big deal when they left you, but as life goes on, we realize that we’re doing the same thing too. #HugotHAHAHA

Memorable Lyrics:

“And when you say you won’t forget me
Well I can tell you that’s untrue
’cause every day since you left me
I’ve thought less and less of you”

Next Year

When Two Door Cinema Club sang the line, “I’ll be home for next year, darling.”, I wanna believe them and make them pinky promise to come back next year for a concert of their own. I mean, come on, Manila crowd is the best people you can ever find in concerts all over the world. They’re the most dedicated fans.

So, I dare you Alex, Sam and Kevin, come back to Manila next year!

Memorable Lyrics:

“Maybe someday
You’ll be somewhere
Talking to me
As if you knew me
Saying, I’ll be home for next year, darling
I’ll be home for next year”


Last but not the least, Sun. If you listen closely to the words, you’ll realize that it’s a heartache made into a song. As phrased it, “this song represents the sorrow of an individual who has moved far away from his love. Although he’s tried to create a network in the new place he lives, he still misses his love and worries she’ll move on before he gets a chance to see her again.”

Memorable Lyrics:

“Though I’m far away
I know I’ll stay, I know I’ll stay
Right there with you”

There you have it. Two Door Cinema Club’s In The Mix 2017 performance and these amazing songs were enough reasons to love and adore them. These are also the same reasons why Manila needs them again. Darling Alex, Sam and Kevin, please come back next year please!