IN PHOTOS: Easy Make-Up Looks for Different Filipina Skin Tones

Words and photos by Gabi Fresnido

Isn’t it frustrating to not have a personal make-up artist? I don’t have that much experience in makeup except for the basic foundation, concealer, blush, and lipstick. But eyeshadows? Contours? Eyeliners?? I need all the help I can get.

It can be pretty expensive to go to salons or hire make-up artists every time you have an event to attend, though. During one “debut season”, I attended 18th birthdays almost every weekend. And it stressed me out on how I was going to do my make-up!

So, I thought about creating a look book that might help not only me, but many Filipinas out there. Here are some easy make-up looks for different Filipina skin tones, for different events!

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The No-Makeup Make-Up Look

To honor the different kinds of Filipina beauty, we thought about doing the “no-makeup makeup” look first. This is an everyday look you can wear to school or work. Usually, this is the look that plays on more nude and pink shades to create a natural blooming look.


Mestizas and fair skin

Mestizas who have “foreign” features became popular during the Spanish colonization. They usually have porcelain skin with smooth, light complexion. Fair skin is almost as similar, except that they don’t necessarily have foreign features. Nonetheless, mestizas and fair skinned people are what is usually considered as “white”. Their everyday makeup look should consist of blushes and pink lips because they could look too pale without it.


Tanned skin and the morenas

Tanned skin ladies have a more yellow undertone. Morenas, which most Filipinas are, have an olive skin tone with green-ish or gold undertones and a darker complexion than a tanned skin. But both of these have warm undertones and a deeper complexion compared to those with lighter skin. Usually, nude, red, and orange based colors (like copper, bronze, mauve, cherry red, etc) have a more appropriate effect on these skin tones than pink-ish ones.

Light Make-Up Looks

The pastel palette theme is all the rage this year. Most debuts and weddings I’ve attended usually had pastel colors as their theme. These looks are more appropriate in day-time events and soft themes.


The Bridal Glow

Inspired by bridal makeup, this look brings out your natural “blooming ka!” glow. The eyeshadow can be a combination of light and dark shades of pink that would complement light/bright outfits. This look is so versatile that you can wear it for outdoor activities such as picnics to formal ones such as weddings.


Korean dewy tint

This fresh-faced look became popular as the K-drama fad grew more and more famous. Originally called “mul-gwang” which means water-light, this appearance gives you an impression of looking like a “good girl” and makes you look 10 years younger. Most Korean dewy looks don’t include eyeshadows, but we recommend to put a little bit of color anyway to make the eyes pop! You can wear this on dates, semi-formal events, and any soft-themed event.

Dark Make-Up Looks

If you want to look fierce and bold, keep on reading! These looks are more appropriate during night-time and dark-themed events.


The Red Lips

This look has been worn by iconic women all around the world in the past, present, and probably until the future, too. Red lips can be a powerful statement that says you are confident and empowered. Marilyn Monroe is a perfect example of an icon of feminine power, and she rocked the red lips.


Night-Out Look

Going out with friends or for a date? This is the look to turn heads. Exuding fierceness and sophistication, a dark make-up look can even give you that confidence to dance all night long.

Which makeup look is your favorite? Do you have any tips to share? Tell us in the comments.

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