Imus Will Be Holding an Adoption Day for Stray Furries!

If you’re looking for a new pet companion, you might want to head to Imus City’s Adoption Day, where you can give a furever home to stray furries!

According to the Facebook page of Mayor Emmanuel Maliksi, the City Government of Imus and the City Veterinary Services Office will partner for Adoption Day on June 14, 2018 at the Imus City Pound, Barangay Buhay na Tubig in the Ecology Center. The event will be from 9AM to 12NN only.

Adoption is free. All you need to do is bring one valid identification card (original and photocopied) and undergo an interview to ensure that the would-be owner would be a responsible pet owner. Once you pass, you just need to sign the adoption papers so you can bring your new companion to his or her furever home!

According to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), stray cats and dogs are “domesticated animals, once family pets, thrown out into the streets when owners can no longer afford to feed them or when they get sick and their pet owner doesn’t want to deal with making them better (financially, physically or emotionally).” They multiply because they mate with other strays, and the cycle repeats.


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