I fell asleep crying in this eyeliner and it didn’t budge at all–also they’re neon (and pastel!)

It’s hard to find the perfect eyeliner. Sometimes they’re not pigmented enough, other times they smudge and make you look like a raccoon–there’s just so much to weigh when it comes to this beauty product. Will you sacrifice the smudge for the deep color? Will you sacrifice the color for it being budge-proof?

Well, look no further. This eyeliner is one, gorgeous, and two, totally budge-proof. It was amazing, like cement, but still light-weight and beautiful on the eyes. TheĀ Meteor LinersĀ by Sundays Moderne Beauty are just incredible and bold, not for the faint of heart. But even if you are, maybe you’d like to give them a try–they’ll definitely change your mind.

sundays moderne beauty 6

Pastel and Neon Meteors (PHP 349 per set)

sundays moderne beauty 7

With a line of both pastels and neons, these eyeliners aren’t joking around with their pigment. The color payoff is incredible and once they dry down, they’re stuck to your skin and you don’t have to worry about them. Take note, however, that these liners are water-activated, so they may come off with a little sweat. But still, even after crying about something (my ex), and falling asleep, rubbing my eyes, all that, they stayed on with minimal smudging. I’m amazed.

sundays moderne beauty 12

sundays moderne beauty 13

Here are some swatches just so you can see how bright and colorful these truly are. They’re bold and different, miles away from your regular old black liner. It’s a great way to change up your looks, whether it’s a subtle pop of color or if it’s an all-out neon-pastel extravaganza on your face. They’re beautiful, don’t budge, and make me feel like a colorful goddess.

sundays moderne beauty 14

Contrary to popular belief, pastels can look fantastic on morena skin. They’re light and playful, almost ethereal, but still dry down matte and pigmented. They’re a great way to draw attention to the eye (or wherever you’re putting them–you make the rules, girl) and did we mention they glow under UV light? Nothing like a glowing set of eyes to really captivate in the club (or in the bar, or wherever you’re hanging out, tbh, just wear these everywhere).

sundays moderne beauty 15

This was the look I came up with with the neon eyeliners. A bold rainbow of color accentuating the natural shape of my eyes. I was tempted to color my whole face but I thought to keep it simple for now. They blend seamlessly into each other and since they’re water-activated, the water makes it easier to paint them on. I felt like an artist making beautiful strokes on my eyes. This was before I cried and fell asleep.

sundays moderne beauty 17

When I woke up from my nap, I was shocked to see that the liner was still in place with absolutely minimal smudging. The yellow faded a bit, but all in all, they stayed put. I was heavily impressed and totally decided that I need to wear these out someday to really impress. And again, to capture the attention with UV lights, wherever they may be.

Overall, the looks you can create with these are endless. I’ve seen people create sweet clouds on their eyelids or paint over their entire face. Anything is possible. And their beautiful products don’t stop there. They’ve got tons more beauty products to swoon over.

sundays moderne beauty 1

sundays moderne beauty 2

Astrid and Aurora (PHP 199)

Their Celestial lip and cheek tints are to die for. They’re so lightweight and dry down so quick that I felt like they weren’t even there. They leave this gorgeous stain on your lips that looks like you’ve got a naturally pigmented pout. Don’t be intimidated by the darker color (Aurora), it dries down a little lighter and more natural-looking, like a sweet tinge of red.

sundays moderne beauty 9

Swatch of Astrid lip tint

sundays moderne beauty 10

Swatch of Aurora lip tint

sundays moderne beauty 5

Phoebe (PHP 239)

Their Sparklight highlighter in Phoebe is the perfect kiss of light for the high points of your face. I used it in all my looks and it was perfect. Don’t be afraid, morena girls. This local brand knows what’ll look beautiful on us and Phoebe took my breath away.

sundays moderne beauty 8

Astrid, Aurora, Phoebe

sundays moderne beauty 3

The universal all-in-one color sticks are the most versatile products ever. Swipe them on your lips, your cheeks, even your eyes, and they will offer this pretty wash of color. Btw, Soleil is the prettiest shade ever and it’s my new favorite easy lip product.

sundays moderne beauty 11

Neoma and Soleil (PHP 179)

sundays moderne beauty 4

Browstory brow pencil (PHP 229) and the Bub Tub (PHP 350)

Last but not least are their brow products. With a pencil that offers precise strokes and a spooly for blending and a unique tub of gel that cements your brows down to make sure they don’t move around, these brow products are a dream come true for girls who lose their brow pigment throughout the day. Lock down those brows with the Bub Tub. With a wet spooly, run this through your brows to keep them in place. The Browstory pencil is also fantastic, a perfect shade of universal brown that blends seamlessly.

What I love about this brand is that you don’t have to break the bank for great quality products. They’re beautiful, work well, and are uncomplicated. And they’re vegan and cruelty-free, too! All proudly made in the Philippines, which means they totally understand the struggle of makeup melting and all, tackling these problems with modern, smart solutions. They’re unique in that they sell a variety of colors and they’re bold with their choices. They believe in effortless beauty–that it doesn’t take too much to look your best. What are you waiting for? Snag these beauties ASAP!

Sundays Moderne Beauty

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