Hydro Manila in Boracay: Snaps from The Wettest and Wildest Music Festival

Having attended two Hydro Manila parties, I can attest that Hydro Manila sets up the wettest and wildest music festivals in the archipelago. Peksman! The first time I attended a Hydro Manila event was back in 2016 at the MOA Concert Grounds when a friend brought me along. Sadly, I didn’t have any decent photos back then; but boy, did I enjoy leaving the event soaked in water!

This year, I made sure to take photos when I celebrated my birthday in Boracay and attended Hydro Laboracay 2017! Here are some of the snaps I took when everyone was still dry and then when everyone was, well, wet:






You’re sure to get your money’s worth at any Hydro Manila music festival since their lineup of DJs always screams POWERHOUSE. Day 2 of #HydroLaboracay (the one I attended) saw Ace Ramos, Marc Marasigan, Travis Monsod, Supmerman, Lucio Pua, Cathy Frey, and Mia Ayesa all in one night! The prior night featured Ron Poe, AisNicaution, Dimas, Khai Lim, Charles Ang, MVRXX, and Leleng Heart.


Phones out for DJ Lucio Pua (while they’re still dry)


DJ Lucio Pua rocking an Adidas tee and a cool hibiscus-patterned cap

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