Hugh Jackman will go on a world tour following success of ‘The Greatest Showman’

the greatest showman hugh jackman

Following the success of the hit musical The Greatest Showman, the show’s frontrunner, Hugh Jackman, announced that he will be going on a world tour.

The Tony-award-winning actor’s world tour is entitled The Man. The Music. The Show. It would start next year where he will showcase performances from The Greatest Showman and Les Miserables, and also other songs from Broadway and film.

In Europe, there are 12 show dates that will kick off in Hamburg, Germany on May 13, with additional shows in Switzerland, France, and Britain.

Then, he also has 22 shows in the United States where he will perform in Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, and California.

There is no information yet if he will have shows outside of Europe and the US.

We’ll just have to wait and see…

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