Huawei to Unleash New Y Series Smartphone that Radiates Youthful Energy with Brand Refresh

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As a generation who intuitively grasps the trendy and viral elements of life online, gen Z has had an active influence in shaping the very environment in which they thrive. Through social media and its various offshoots, young people have learned to harness their innate creativity to share it with a 24/7 audience, empowered by the smart technology in their hands.

On top of these, gen Z are known to be passionate in displaying their individuality, in pursuing their passions and in relentlessly searching for what is real true.

It is these characteristics that inspire Huawei’s Y Series of smartphones – youth-focused devices that cover a wide range of hobbies and interests, enabling users to be real and be the best version of themselves—no matter what they do. The upcoming Y Series which is set to hit the Philippine market this year highlights “Y for Youth, Y for You” as its refreshed brand philosophy.

This revamped Y Series smartphone will have several hallmarks of that youthful design inspiration, both in hardware and software aspects.

High-powered cameras

A set of great cameras make all the difference for young smartphone users, especially for those in pursuit of a distinct aesthetic. Capturing unique visuals out of mundane moments are definitive to gen Z, particularly with how it resonates with peers and strangers alike. The art of viral visuals may not be their brainchild, but modern youth has certainly perfected it with the type of photographic capability provided by Huawei’s Y Series.

All day long battery

Young ones like using their devices to their maximum potential, whether they’re for chatting, social media, gaming, or livestreaming. The new Y Series ensures there’s little downtime between these activities through more powerful battery life and the sheer convenience of quick charging. Additionally, a smarter power management system allocates battery life to adapt to specific usage habits.

Wider and clearer display

Huawei’s new Y Series also brings more wow factor to its display technology, upping the resolution to match its massive screen-to-body ratio. Such immersive dimensions perfectly complement the type of media the youth typically consume on their phones, like movies, tutorial videos, photo editors, and online multiplayer games, among many others.

Supersized storage and affordability

Storage still matters heavily, even in the age of cloud backups; the Y Series addresses this need for space by providing hefty GBs of storage built-in, ready to accommodate scores of selfies, personal vlogs and graphics-heavy gaming titles.

Of course, a Y Series phone wouldn’t be without an incredibly affordable price point. It’s a phone that aims to deliver a well-rounded experience to young people without breaking budgets, making it a wonderful gift for parents to give their kids, for instance.

For younger people searching for the perfect recipe of camera prowess, advanced display tech, massive storage and efficient battery life at budget-friendly pricing, look forward to the the launch of Huawei’s refreshed Y Series very soon.