Here’s How We Hit 3.2 Million Pesos in Sales for Shopee in One Month

Affiliate marketing was new territory for us when we ventured into it earlier this year – and it wasn’t easy, to be honest. After a lot of trial and error, though, we finally found a good groove in the area – and after four months of trying, last April 2021, we hit 3.2 million pesos in sales for Shopee!Shopee April Sales

This was quite an achievement for us, seeing as how we had days when we had zero sales. In case you’re interested in joining the affiliate marketing game, here are 10 tips and tricks that we picked up along the way and that worked for us to reach this milestone. Who knows? They might work for you, too.

Keep creating content.

You can’t just write one article a week and hope that it does well. It is important to constantly create content in order to reach your goals. It doesn’t have to be articles, either. It can be something as simple as a tweet or an Instagram story. As long as you create some form of content that resonates with your audience, chances are they’ll remember you and follow you for more similar content. Do this regularly to stay top of mind in your audience’s minds.

Study what works.

Constantly creating content just for the sake of it isn’t a good move, though. What would the point be in constantly creating content if they don’t bring about the necessary goals? In this case, the goal is to make sales. So if certain types of content or certain items aren’t bringing about sales, you may want to re-focus your attention on the things that actually worked well. Invest your time into focusing on what works and keep doing that.

Keep track of sale dates.

Shopee 77 Sale

Know when your platform of choice has sales so you can amp up your content on those dates. Share coupons if you have them, too. People love discounts and are more likely to shop when they’re available, so make it a point to keep track of sale dates and create more content during those dates to make the most of them.

Stay up-to-date with trends.

Spend more time on social media and see what the trends are. Is BTS making more noise? Which Facebook groups are people talking about the most? Join different groups and check out different social media platforms to see which items you can bank on.

Consider your own needs and wants.

Whenever you see something that you like or when you realize you need something in your life, consider creating content out of it. If you want or need it, chances are someone else will, as well.

Get to know other people’s needs and wants.

Pay attention to the comments and the reactions to your posts. If people like a certain thing that you can create a theme out of or if you can see a trend in what people are paying more attention to in your posts, focus on those things and try to create more content similar to that.

Choose eye-catching photos.


People are generally very visual creatures. This is one of the reasons why Instagram works so well as a social media platform. We love pretty things and this generation is pretty particular about ~aesthetics~ so your chances of making sales by using attractive photos will be higher.

Share your personal discoveries.

Did you buy something recently that you really loved? Maybe you even have something at home that you realize you can’t live without. Share your discoveries with other people. Creating content out of things that you genuinely love and are passionate about could greatly benefit your affiliate marketing life.

Talk about the product’s benefits.

Of course, it isn’t enough to just create content about products. Think about why people might want it. What are its benefits? How can these products improve their lives? How did it improve yours? Pointing out why someone should buy something and really making a good case for it will make people believe what you have to say. Also: people will definitely be able to tell if you actually know what you’re talking about. Genuine reviews are highly recommended!

Have fun with it.

Not gonna lie: I reached a point in this affiliate marketing journey where I felt drained and tired from trying to come up with new content. That’s when I realized that the reason why my content wasn’t doing well was that my fatigue and stress from not making good sales were probably shining through in my content. Once I got my teammates to help out and saw how much our audience was loving our posts and discoveries, the more fun I started to have with it again – and that’s one of the biggest reasons we were able to make so many sales. Have fun because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point? đŸ˜‰

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