How to Stop Manila Traffic: Motorist Teaches Counterflowing Vehicles a Lesson

Traffic in Manila has obviously grown really bad in the past few months. Though several concerned citizens have a variety of good and bad suggestions, it all boils down to one thing – FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES. One reason traffic has gotten from bad to worse is because everyone wants to get ahead of the other, completely ignoring traffic rules. Not only do they make traffic worse, but they can also cause an accident.

One motorist had enough and decided to take matters into his own hand by teaching counterflowing vehicles a lesson. This took place somewhere in Ortigas, near Greenhills.

Though the other cars may have been pissed at Ronaldo for blocking their way, we do think that he did the right thing. Following traffic rules may not immediately fix the traffic situation in Manila, but we’re pretty sure it’s gonna help.
What do guys think of Ronaldo’s actions? Do you agree?