How to Get to Puerto Galera in Just 40 Minutes

Puerto Galera is famous for being a grandiose diving spot. Its virgin reefs are inhabited by majestic sea creatures of all types and colors: giant clams, sea turtles, pufferfishes, you name it! With so much natural beauty to appreciate, it’s no wonder the island is such a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Getting there, however, takes a bit of time. The quickest way to reach this paradise involves a three-to-five-hour land and boat transfers. Well, that’s the easiest way that most people know of. What if I told you that it’s possible to reach Puerto Galera in 40 minutes or less?

Just recently, Airtrav Philippines, a local seaplane company, started offering direct flights to Puerto Princesa with the promise of arriving there in 40 minutes or less! The pick-up point is at Harbour Square and the drop-off point is at Fridays Puerto Galera, an eco-friendly luxury resort found inside the lagoons of Muelle Bay, Boquete Island.

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Not only will this save you on travel time; it will also allow you to experience a private aerial flight and enjoy a scenic view to get you hyped up for your much-needed escape.

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Fridays Puerto Galera is the perfect port for those who wish to immerse themselves in this immaculate island because adventure lies just across the main beach.

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A garden of coral reefs awaits those who wish to do open-water snorkeling.

The azure waters are also perfect for swimming and boat rides.

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You won’t run out of things to do at the property, either. Consisting of 24 rooms, each unit is designed to make you feel right at home with its local embellishments. Its cogon-thatched roofs, bamboo ornaments, and capiz shells are guaranteed to give you a staycation like no other.

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All of the villas are good for 4 pax—perfect for families or barkadas!

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The bathroom is as spacious as the room, consisting of a wide closet, sink, bathtub, toilet with bidet, and shower room.

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You can also take a break from the ebb and flow of the tides and lounge by the pool area instead. Its dimension is close to an Olympic-sized pool: around 4-5 feet deep from the staircase to the end. They also have a 12-ft training pool for beginner divers right beside it. Always ask for assistance before using this pool, though, as there are no lifeguards on standby.


After a long and tiring day, a hearty feast is what you’ll need. The in-house restaurant of Fridays Puerto Galera serves appetizing dishes from breakfast to dinner. They also have a bar should you want to have drinks and say cheers to an awesome stay!

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One-way ride bound to and from Puerto Galera costs Php8,000 per head.

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Aside from Puerto Galera, Airtrav Philippines also offers convenient domestic and incentive flights anywhere in the country The best of part is that they all come with less travel time and little to no waiting!

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Flights from Manila to Clark, Coron, and, just recently, Boracay are offered on operation times. However, as mentioned, they are also open to incentive flights. They are proud to share that they have catered to clients going to Tubbataha Reef, Apo Reef, and Banwa Private Island, dubbed as the most expensive private island in the world!

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For booking, check their website for their rates and schedule.

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