How to Choose an Online Partner in Educating Your Kids

So much has happened since the quarantine was first implemented in Metro Manila. While most of the industries were paralyzed, a lot of others decided to take their businesses online. The education industry is not exempted from this. Even with the recent announcement of the school year opening date, most of these institutions are still considering distant or online learning for their students.

Unfortunately, for the very little children, where play and physical activities are considered serious work; the opportunity for face-to-face interaction in a playschool has been stripped from them, thereby forcing most parents to greatly consider the distant or online learning method for their children.

With this, Playville Learning Hub, a playschool based in Cainta, has derived an online program with carefully crafted activities for kids ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Using a video conferencing application, Playville aims to provide the following:

Meaningful and Fun Activities

Photo from Playville

Their weekly themes are based on awareness programs and current events to bring their students closer to reality.

Developmentally Appropriate

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Children aged 2.5 to 5 learn best through play. The teachers of Playville opted to scrap lengthy worksheets out from the program and instead focus more on improving their skills through singing, dancing, storytelling, and arts and crafts.

Small Class Size

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Each class will only have a maximum of 10 students. Playville believes in providing attention to each of its students. Maintaining a limited number of students will give the teacher more opportunity to have better interactions with them.

An Engaging Teacher

Photo from Playville

Online teaching requires the participation of at least one parent, especially when young children are involved. However, it also requires an engaging and enthusiastic teacher that will keep the students excited until the end of each session. An engaging and enthusiastic teacher is one of the things that Playville is proud to have.

Playville Learning Hub is proud to announce that it is the FIRST and ONLY playschool in the Philippines to include Creative Movement Sessions in its Curriculum. The past few sessions, it has hosted ballet, a royal gathering, a tea party, a picnic day, and even a cheer tryout for its students. English, Math, Science, and Filipino are not only its main inclusions its curriculum. Playville values the students creativity through virtual pretend plays and movement stories.

Photo from Playville

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