How Can a Family of 5 Fit in a 22sqm Condo Unit? Ask This Brilliant Lady

As you may have noticed, condominiums are being developed everywhere. And what’s good about these properties is they are conveniently located in an area where everything you need is just around the corner. Therefore, people, especially families, take time to study how to acquire a unit as it’s a great investment as well. But what if your budget only permits you to get a 22sqm unit and you’re a family of 5? How will you fit? Not to mention your stuff you’ve accumulated over time?

Well, don’t fret as this interior designer will make things happen for you!

Her name is Gila Salvador. 

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Photo grabbed from her Facebook page.

I came across her video of redesigning a 22sqm for a family. In her video, she had discussed what strategies she used to incorporate the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and the kitchen.

It was mind-blowing, as I couldn’t imagine a family of 5 living in a small condo unit. Thankfully, her brilliant ideas pulled it off! Watch how she transformed the unit into a livable one!

The video has gone viral and received a whopping 3 million plus views to date!

I wish you could also redesign our small condo unit!

Keep up the good work. Gila! We’re looking forward to more of your wonderful house transformations!

How do you like her design? Yay or Nay? Tell us your answers in the comments!


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