How These 2 Celebrities Became the Best Versions of Themselves for Their Families

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We were invited to an intimate lunch hosted by Marie France in honor of two of their latest success stories: Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante and Chantal Umali. You may know them; they have graced stages and TV screens. The stories about their weightloss journeys are compelling, hopeful, relatable, and encouraging for any man or woman looking for inspiration in their own lifestyle choices.


While both mothers undergoing the same procedures, Mikkie and Chantal have completely different stories to share. Chantal, a former child star, was bullied for her weight. “Sasabihin nila, ’Ay di ka nila kukunin kasi mataba ka’…there was so much pressure to be at a certain size. And I couldn’t get to that size. Parang mental torture. So sabi ko ‘wag na lang, ayoko na,” she shares.

Meanwhile, Mikkie had demons of her own to contend with, namely an eating disorder that developed at the start of her adult life. Her eating disorder later caused her to have acid reflux, which damaged her vocal chords, an integral part of who she was as a stage actress and a singer. In both cases, the two ladies’ dreams were being put on hold because of their weight. It becomes difficult to pursue your passion when everyone and everything seems to be going against you.

At their lowest, Chantal was suffering from post-partum depression and was carrying 186 pounds on her petite 5 ft. frame. Mikkie, on the other hand, was also dealing with depression, causing her to become incredibly self-conscious. She didn’t seem to enjoy the things she used to anymore and preferred to stay at home, in her room, avoiding friends and even relatives.

Fortunately, their stories both have happy endings. It’s 2017 now and Chantal and Mikkie couldn’t be happier. When we met them, they were both lively and funny, showing a kind of spirit that seemed motivated and excited for the future. They were constantly joking around and they knew that now, their possibilities were endless. Marie France had come to them at just the right time.

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Marie France’s new technology is not only effective, but also non-invasive. Through their procedures, Chantal and Mikkie have found hope, not just for their future careers or for themselves, but for their children, as well. Being dedicated mothers, their main concern was being a role model for their daughters. “If as a mom you’re not happy and confident in your own skin, they’ll see it and they’re going to mirror that in the future, you know. [So] as mothers, you have to be the best version of yourself,” Mikkie says.

Chantal couldn’t agree more! “When you have your own kid and you’re working and trying to raise your child [at the same time], it doesn’t mean pababayaan mo na sarili mo or it doesn’t mean na you let yourself go because [when you’re a mom] all the more you have to take care of yourself. You need to feel like you can do this, that [you] got this.”

Marie France offers a variety of procedures that help you tone up and slim down. The FMS Elite, an advanced version of the highly successful Fat Mobilization System, reduces weight through the process of thermogenesis. It naturally stimulates the body to produce heat energy, burning up to 2,000 calories in just 30 minutes!

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There’s also the Vara Pulse, which helps reshape the body by breaking down fat trapped within limbs and the Thermo Magnetic Pulse (TMP), the 4-in-1 breakthrough treatment for fat reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite smoothening. Chantal and Mikkie are also fans of the TriPollar procedure which helps trim and tone arms, as well as Endermologie+, the advanced LipoMassage slimming technology that eliminates resistant fat in specific areas of the body. To top it all off, Mikkie also undergoes Plasti-Dermi Treatment (PDT), which diminishes stubborn fat and re-sculpts the body.

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Remember that there’s no shame in getting help if you need it. Treatments like these not only help you become more confident in yourself, but are also an investment no one can take away from you. Marie France wants you to become happier and more confident, not just for yourself, but for your families, too!

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