Horse Found Lying on Ground due to Exhaustion Along U.N. Avenue

When I was young child strolling the streets of Binondo, I remember begging my mom to ride the kalesa with me. As a child, it was nothing but an innocent ride aboard a beautiful and uncommon animal in the city. However, growing up, I began to realize how these horses did not seem happy and I no longer wanted anything to do with it. I would see the kutsero or driver whipping the horse to go faster, or to steer in another direction, it just broke my heart.

Earlier today, Bean C. posted a photo of a fallen horse along U.N. Avenue, Manila. Mind you, horses are strong and muscular animals. When resting, horse either kneel down or remain in a standing position. So for a horse to be lying down this way in the middle of a busy road… he wasn’t just tired, he was EXHAUSTED.  I would consider this abuse.


Bean C. writes,

“Saw this on my way to the parking lot. The horse couldn’t get up and was crying, at first i thought he was dead. We tried to find the kutsero but he was nowhere. People tried to lift him, but couldn’t. Clearly the horse is stressed. I called 117 for someone to help. After 15minutes or so and a lot of people trying to help, the kutsero comes releases the horse and makes him stand up. Still no 117 came. ???? Who do you call when you see things like these? Wawa naman yung kabayo! (poor horse)”

This is just a personal  opinion and not that of the entire, but I do hope that ‘kalesas’ be abolished from the streets of Manila. We don’t need them anyway, with all the different types of transportation we already have. The horses do not deserve his.

The photo has since been reported to PAWS and the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART). We hope the proper actions would be done soon.

How does this photo make you feel? What do you think of kalesas in Manila? Do you think they should still continue that business?