Homegrown Honors Women 2014: A Conference Celebrating The Filipina in Business – All Sides of Her!

Homegrown Honors Women 2014: A Conference Celebrating The Filipina in Business – All Sides of Her!Homegrown Honors Women 2014_02 (1)


In honor of Women’s Month, Homegrown will shine the light on some of the women who overcame adversity to achieve great success in their careers. Showcasing the compelling stories and experiences of 5 women and 1 man, the event seeks to celebrate inspiration, accept challenges, and inspire change.

We live in a time of juxtapositions. We revere people with multiple careers and slashers who do it all, but we also admire people who decide to simplify their lives and pare down to the basics.

As we explore the 360-degrees of being a Filipina in business today, we encourage everyone to devote sufficient time in reflecting on who we are, who we want to be, and what our impact on the community and environment is. Regardless of the stage we’re at in our careers, all of us have learned valuable lessons we can share with others to cultivate personal and professional growth.

Homegrown Honors Women Speakers

Taking place on March 15th, we will see five women and one man come together to share their personal stories and give women the inspiration they need to advance their business, personal and emotional lives.

Those speaking include:

Dona Tumacder-Esteban — co-founder of OneSpark, Co., a pioneer in corporate stress and energy management in Manila. Yin yoga teacher and workplace spirituality facilitator

Rosario Herrera — publisher and editor-in-chief of STATUS Magazine, Asia’s youth culture magazine that focuses on the future of fashion, music, art, and urban lifestyles around the world

Jim Paredes — member of the APO Hiking Society, creative professional engaged in songwriting, record producing, arranging, writing, photography, and teaching.

Tina Zamora – directress of Nest School for Whole Development, one of the leading progressive schools in the country.

Ria Lu — iPresident and CEO of Komikasi Games and Entertainment, Inc., the development company responsible for some of the award-winning Advergames in the country.

Reinabelle Reyes, Ph.D., — astrophysicist, data scientist,  and social observer; successfully proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in a cosmic scale before finishing her PhD in Astrophysics

Conference attendees will be part of a special afternoon that will conclude with a social gathering over drinks hosted by author and model, Victoria Herrera. This will take place after the talks.

Every man and woman wanting to be empowered, educated and uplifted are urged to attend.

Tickets for the event, taking place at G/F Ayala Museum, Makati Ave., Makati City, can be purchased through the official website: https://homegrown.ph/women2014

Homegrown Honors Women 2014: A Conference Celebrating The Filipina in Business – All Sides of Her!