Hoka One One: Running Shoes Like No Other

Running is no easy feat. Aside from being physically demanding, it is a mental test of strength and endurance. I know this from the few runs that I’ve joined and my dashed hopes of one day running – and finishing – a marathon.

Because technically, everyone knows how to run, most people tend to simplify the science behind this activity. At some point in my life, I was fortunate enough to have been lectured on the do’s and dont’s of running by elite runners (READ HERE), and having proper footwear was one thing that was pointed out to me. Without proper footwear, I was told, you could damage your foot and knees.

Enter Hoka One One: revolutionary running footwear especially designed for optimal cushioning while running.


When I discovered this new brand, I noticed that it was differently shaped than other running shoes in the market. I quickly learned that this was because these shoes are specifically designed for comfort when running.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 8.54.35 PM

Source: https://www.hokaoneone.com

For the longest time, Hoka One One was not available in the Philippines but last month that all changed. They are now here and I finally got to try my own pair!

I got the Gaviotas and put them to the test.

An all-new premium stability shoe, the GAVIOTA features superior cushioning along with new HOKA ONE ONE J-Frame™ technology. The HOKA J-Frame™ delivers support and protection while guiding your foot without the use of rigid and unforgiving materials.

Enhanced by our proprietary EVA/Rubber blend RMAT – which lends added durability to high wear areas – this is an ideal shoe for the runner who wants to shake off the constrictions of traditional support shoes. (Source: https://www.hokaoneone.com)


I have to be honest: I did not expect to feel any difference when I tried these shoes out but was I ever wrong. There was a definite change when I ran – the shoes were light but I felt less impact on my feet and knees.


Now I understand what the hype was about. Not only are these running shoes good to the eyes, they’re great for your feet too!

When In Manila, Hoka One One is available at RUNNR, Bonifacio High Street.