Hobby Fest: Cosplay Fun in Pampanga


When In Manila, well… I mean When In Pampanga, my friends and I went to Robinsons Pampanga to participate on the cosplay event HOBBY FEST 2012. For those of you who don’t know what Cosplay is, it is a form of art wherein you dress up as you’re favourite Anime, Manga (Japanese term for Comics), Movie or Game characters. I’m a big fan of this community and I was uber excited to share my stories with WhenInManila.com readers! 


This tour started with a free bus ride from Robinsons Galleria to Robinsons Pampanga. Inside the bus we were crazy as always fooling around with the other cosplayers. Upon arriving at the destination we were greeted by some of our fellow cosplayers. I even got a chance meet up with some of my buddies there.


Overall, the event was a success we had a blast and enjoyed our stay in Pampanga and next year we are looking forward to go back not only for the cosplay event but for the sightseeing trip as well. For now I leave you guys with some pictures of the event (photo credit to: Miyabi Sato website: https://www.facebook.com/miyabi.sato39). Hope to see you guys on the next cosplay event whether it will be here in Manila or somewhere else. I’ll keep you guys posted. 



David Delano D'Angelo as Kratos from God of War

“This is one awesome Kratos “



Toys Toys Toys

“They even showcased some toys at the event”



Kid Cosplayer

“And who said cosplay is only for grown ups. . . Look at this kid he poses to the camera like a professional”




“I would say one of the accurate AVATAR cosplay”



collectable heads

“Collectable items for sale at the event”



 Hobby Fest: Cosplay Fun in Pampanga


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