Marvin's a very interesting guy; charming, deep, intellectual, and a clear romantic. He's somebody anybody would go along well quite easily. He's got quite the colorful character, I might say. He loves talking about love, and doesn't mind stating what's in his heart. (something only a handful of people can do today) You check his Facebook wall and you can clearly see that he's well-loved by people, be it friends or acquaintances. Diligence is also a good way to describe him. I mean, c'mon~~ it's hard to keep on being on-air everyday of the week, right? One can see that he simply adores getting to know all sorts of people. You can also see him in conventions, and events so he's not very hard to miss. If ever you do come across this guy, it would be great to share a story or two. from: Marko :) (