They’re Hired: Meet’s First Gamers

Remember when we posted about the ultimate dream job? Basically, we looked for cool people who can play games all day and earn money in the process (honestly would have applied myself if I wasn’t already the Managing Editor lelz). Well, we’ve finally found our people! Meet’s first gamers:

Abe Barreda


Instagram: @planet_of_the_abe

YouTube: Abe Barreda


Abe Barreda is a part-time corporate trainer, entrepreneur, stand-up comedian/host and a proud doggy-daddy of two lovable doggies. He has been gaming since the NES and will be playing console games for PlayStation 4 on When in Manila Plays. Expect to watch Abe play games like Sekiro, Horizon Dawn, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and new releases. He might even throw in some PUBG and Overwatch in the mix.

RA Rodriguez


RA Rodriguez is into video editing, music, art, and memes. He has been gaming since the early 90s and will be playing RPGs, horror games, and Mobile Legends on When in Manila Plays. RA started streaming on Twitch in 2017 and got signed as a talent on Tamago in 2018.

Make sure to join our new gamers as they play everyday from Monday to Friday on

When in 2