Hiraya, a Concert for a Cause

Hiraya, organized by UP Sigma Delta Phi, is an online benefit concert happening this July 16, 2021 from 8:00PM to 11:00PM. Hiraya is a two-in-one event — both a celebration for our achievements for the first half of 2021, as well as a fundraiser to help bridge the pressing needs for basic necessities of the chosen beneficiary — the families of the children under the organization’s flagship project, Project Bata Mag-aral Ka (PBMK).

The concert will feature quite a lineup of local Filipino artists including Clara Benin, Joshua Kim, Stef and Euge, Seizure Salad, Alyson, Granny Lee, Trishka Sings and many more!

Fans of the artists will also get insider info about their favorite artists at Hiraya’s live Question and Answer portion with the different artists performing for the concert.

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“Project Bata, Mag-Aral Ka” 

Project Bata, Mag-Aral Ka (PBMK) advocates for children’s right to education. The program aims to teach out-of-school young children basic reading, writing, and arithmetic through an interactive curriculum with music and art.

Many Filipino children born into poverty do not enroll to get basic education as families face immediate and tangible challenges in securing their basic day-to-day needs. Children are often told to work or help with the family’s source of income, thus education takes a back seat in the list of priorities.

PBMK encourages parents of the children to enroll their kids to school and the children to pursue higher dreams through education.

More Pressing Issues

PBMK would have welcomed its 11th batch of children this year, however, the usual program cannot happen with the limitations and challenges brought by the pandemic. 

There are more pressing issues many kids face including food security and maintaining good health for the PBMK community and many other communities in the Philippines.

In light of this, organizers will use the funds raised from Hiraya to buy care packages containing food and other necessities for their flagship project community.

Registrations are still open!

The artist line-up is just enticing as is but we’re pretty sure the story behind the concert got to your heart. Tickets for Hiraya cost Php500.00 while tickets for UP Students are at Php300.00. You may get your tickets for the concert at https://bit.ly/HirayaSDP 

See you there!