Hinomoto presents a Japanese Summer Festival: Natsu Matsuri 2018



What is Hinomoto’s Natsu Matsuri (夏祭り)?

Natsu Matsuri (夏祭り) translates to “Summer Festival” in Japanese. This kind of festival was a way of honoring the people’s ancestors. However, it became a way for people to relieve fatigue from working. This season is one of the best times to go to the festival grounds, wear a yukata (浴衣), and play entertaining games.

On March 23, 2018, Hinomoto brings back the Natsu Matsuri with dazzling lights, wonderful musical performances, delicious food, and fun games. Listen to the different Musical Performances prepared by the members and special guests while enjoying the food on the festival grounds. Everybody is invited to come to this Summer Festival to participate and experience a part of Japanese culture.

The festival will take place on Ateneo de Manila’s Bellarmine Field and entrance to this event is free. The program proper would be from 6 pm to 10 pm but the booths will operate until 11 pm. Participating in the different games would require chits, which can be bought in a designated booth on the festival grounds. In addition to that, food can also be purchased all around the venue while the visitors watch the performances on stage.


Hinomoto’s Natsu Matsuri will feature different bands to perform during the event itself. Special performances from the organization’s Ongaku, the Hinomoto music group, and Odori, the Hinomoto dance troupe, will also be witnessed during the event. In addition to that, there would be a fashion show featuring the Lolita Style, which focuses on the aesthetic of cuteness.


The game booths will operate through a chit system. The festival goers would need to bbuy chitsfrom one of the booths in the event in order to play the different games. However, these tickets are not required for people to enter the festival grounds.


This booth would consists of a small pool with live goldfish swimming around. The goal of this game is to scoop out a goldfish using a small, flat, circular scooper made with a ring and onion paper. If one is able to scoop the goldfish into a small bowl, they would be able to keep the goldfish. The participant may continue to play until the paper of the scooper disintegrates.

Wa Nage

This booth is a classic ring toss game. There would be poles attached to a numbered board to correspond to a point system for the game. When a certain number of points is reached, the prize that corresponds to that number will be given.


The booth is similar to a classic shooting carnival game. The goal would be to knock down toy figurines using a foam-based toy gun, which corresponds to a certain prize!

Yo-yo Tsuri

The “yo-yo” is a small water balloon and is attached to a rubber string, which has a loop on the end. For this booth, you will use a “fishing pole” which comprises of a paper string with a metal hook attached to it, to fish out the “yo-yo” that will be inside a pool. In addition to that, the goal of this game would be to pick up the balloon through the loop before the paper disintegrates.

Batsu Game

This booth consists of “Batsu Game” a type of game activity where the loser of a bet or some sort of competition partakes in a small punishment, usually an activity that involves having paint splattered all over one’s face, or an unpleasant dare.

Make a Wish

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. Therefore, this booth will allow the festival goers to learn how to fold a paper crane and at the same experience Japanese origami. By the end of the night, Hinomoto hopes to have a thousand origami paper cranes. The proceeds from this booth will be donated to a charitable cause of Hinomoto’s choice.

Tarot Card Reading Booth*

The organization would get an experienced Tarot Card reader and practitioner to gain insight on your past, present, or future by posing a question to the cards. This question may be about your love life, academic life, family life, etc.


Throughout Natsu Matsuri, there would be food stalls selling delicious food. Some of the food that these stalls would be selling would be delicious Japanese curry and refreshing fruit shakes. These food stalls would primarily come from the different student-owned food stalls present within the Ateneo de Manila.

Other Booths

Artists’ Alley

Hinomoto and Blink, another organization from the Ateneo de Manila, members would showcase their art while selling their different prints and stickers on the festival grounds.

Hinomoto Merchandise Booth

Hinomoto brings their merchandise, such as JaPUNese stickers, shirts, and pins to the Natsu Matsuri. It would feature both old and new designs from the members of the organization itself. In addition to that, Hinomoto will also be renting out mats during the event to allow the event goers to rest and relax on Bellarmine Field.

Photo Booth

This booth would allow the different festival goers to capture irreplaceable memories as they enjoy a Japanese Summer Festival experience.

We invite you to come to Hinomoto’s event, Natsu Matsuri, on March 23, 2018 at Bellarmine Field in Ateneo from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We hope to see you there!