Hilarious Tweets Show How ‘Sexism Is Deeply Ingrained in the Philippine Culture’

When it comes to hilarious and witty tweets, Filipino netizens really excel.

Even if we’re talking about the most serious of topics, like sexism, we can think of and articulate ideas in the funniest way.

Thea Lansang posted the following screen grabs from Karl’s (@KBOMolina) tweets.

The initial premise is how “sexism is deeply ingrained in the Philippine culture.”

The rest is just hysterically funny.

So, at first, Karl said the premise of the tweets, giving “Ati-Atihan” as an example.


The following tweets supported the claim of how sexism is ingrained in our culture.


They even gave the bakery, ketchup, and “Atenista” as proofs.


And then, they name-dropped the president.


Stalactite FTW!


And then mentioning Manila for a full circle of the claim.


With these tweets, is sexism really ingrained in the Philippine culture?

Ooops, this is just for fun guys! 🙂

Lighten up!

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