Here Are the Engaging Highlights of Young Founders Summit Philippines General Assembly 2024

On January 27, 2024, The Astbury became the epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurial insights as the Young Founders Summit Philippines held its highly anticipated General Assembly. The event brought together a unique mix of youth changemakers, community partner organizations, and industry leaders to explore, connect, and imagine the future of entrepreneurship.

Young Founders Summit Philippines General Assembly 2024

Community Partnerships Fueling Innovation

Young Founders Summit Philippines General Assembly 2024

Young Founders Summit Philippines General Assembly 2024

YFS Philippines extended a warm welcome to esteemed community partner organizations, including UP Center for Student Innovations, ASES Manila, DLSU Scale, GDSC DLSU, GDSC PUP, Cereal Entrepreneur Jr, and UP Innovation Leaders’ Hub. This collaborative effort aimed to create a melting pot of ideas and foster a sense of community among young entrepreneurs.

Kreios Labs: Navigating the Tech Entrepreneurial Journey

Jed Tan, the Founder of Kreios Labs, kicked off the first panel, shedding light on the misconceptions surrounding the tech and entrepreneurship journey. Sharing life experiences, Jed highlighted the importance of challenging preconceived notions. He delved into the inspiration behind his passion for the industry, offering insights into envisioning a startup in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency and web3.

The discussion with Jed didn’t stop there; attendees gained valuable advice on prioritizing various aspects of entrepreneurship as a student. The panel culminated with practical tips for first-timers interested in exploring crypto trading.

Serbiz: Empowering Student Entrepreneurs

Iyana Argañoza, Co-Founder of Serbiz, provided a glimpse into her journey as a student entrepreneur. She shared the challenges and mistakes often encountered by young entrepreneurs in building a startup, emphasizing the inspiration that fuels the determination to overcome obstacles, such as balancing academics and her work as a student founder. Iyana’s insights also extended to practical tips for those facing challenges while starting a business. 

Globe: Navigating the Dynamic Landscape

Andrew Lim, Globe Subcultures Manager, brought his years of experience to the panel, addressing crucial aspects of the entrepreneurial landscape. He shared valuable advice for young entrepreneurs navigating and thriving in the dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.

The discussion with Andrew touched upon building connections, finding potential funding, breaking into creative tech, and fostering diversity and inclusion in youth entrepreneurship. Attendees gained insights into Globe’s commitment to supporting creators and entrepreneurs through the GCreator Series.

Dormy: Merging Tech and Creativity

Alyssa Cassandra Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Dormy, provided a roadmap for those aspiring to create a business involving tech and creativity. She shared her passion behind Dormy and the responsibilities and challenges she faced as a founder and student entrepreneur.

Alyssa delved into the difficulty of introducing arduous tech in the Philippines, discussing its impact on technological literacy. The session also explored Dormy’s potential expansion and replication, offering valuable insights into balancing academics and entrepreneurship.

Z+NG Digital Plus: Navigating Market Competition

Gabby David shared her experiences in navigating market competition and finding product-market fit. The discussion provided practical advice for youth entering the scene, including insights on starting an entrepreneurial journey with minimal budget constraints.

Attendees gained valuable insights into marketing strategies and the importance of adapting to market dynamics. Gabby’s experiences offered a roadmap for new founders seeking to overcome the learning curve of entrepreneurship.

Gina Experiences: Building on Essential Factors

Gwen Joson emphasized the crucial factors for building a successful startup in today’s age. The discussion delved into strategies for fostering a thriving ecosystem for youth entrepreneurship and creative tech initiatives.

Gwen shared advice on collaboration among stakeholders, including educational institutions, government bodies, and industry leaders. The panel also provided inspiration for GEN Z youth facing struggles and discrimination, highlighting the importance of turning ideas into reality.

Interactive Breakout Session: Pitch Your Industry

Young Founders Summit Philippines General Assembly 2024

Adding an interactive element to the assembly, participants engaged in the “Pitch Your Industry” breakout session. Divided into three categories—food industry (young), clothing industry (founders), and tech industry (summit)—attendees showcased their innovative ideas and solutions. Criteria for pitching included addressing specific problems, defining target markets, and outlining revenue models.

Mission and Vision of YFS Philippines

Young Founders Summit Philippines General Assembly 2024

The event also emphasized the mission and vision of YFS Philippines: making entrepreneurial mindset and skillset accessible to Generation Z across the Philippines. By nurturing the changemaker’s heart and embracing digital-first innovation, YFS aims to unleash a future world that is inclusive, accessible, and sustainable.

Globe’s Commitment to Youth Empowerment through the GCreator Series

Globe, a steadfast supporter of creators and entrepreneurs, continued its commitment through the GCreator Series. By supporting events like YFS Philippines, Globe enables young entrepreneurs to excel in the field of business from an early age. The GCreator Series further connects creators with thought leaders and like-minded individuals, providing a platform to pursue passion and drive innovation.

In the spirit of “Imagine. Create. Connect.,” the Young Founders Summit Philippines General Assembly 2024 was a resounding success, marking a significant step towards empowering youth changemakers and fostering a community of innovators. The journey continues as YFS Philippines looks ahead to more opportunities, collaborations, and innovations, paving the way for a future where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives across all Filipinos.