New Bold University Empowers Future Brand Leaders Through Visionary NXT Masterclass

New Bold University (NBU) has successfully wrapped up its “Visionary NXT: Branding Masterclass for the Next Big Brands,” a pioneering event that brought together over 50 founders from across the Philippines. Held from May 10 to 11, 2024 at The Astbury in Makati City, this masterclass marked a significant step in empowering the next generation of brand leaders with the skills and insights needed to create socially impactful brands.

Visionary NXT Masterclass

Participants from NBU’s Visionary NXT

The two-day event featured a diverse group of entrepreneurs, startup founders, and marketing professionals who delved into advanced marketing strategies and brand development. With the rise of AI and new technologies, the cost of creating a brand has decreased, making it accessible to more people. Visionary NXT aimed to help participants build more enduring and mission-driven brands that can adapt to the fast-changing market landscape. 

NBU Founder Ralph Layco led the masterclass, offering sessions on “Masterminding Your Next Big Brand” and “Building Your Brand’s DNA for Success” during its first day. Layco emphasized the importance of strategic thinking and preparedness for the evolving business environment.

Visionary NXT Masterclass

NBU Founder Ralph Layco

“We believe that by investing in today’s brand founders, we can create a stronger future with well-intentioned and strategic brand owners prepared for changing times. This year’s masterclass exceeded our expectations, showing us that the next wave of brand leaders is ready to make a meaningful impact,” said Layco.

The masterclass featured several notable speakers, including Rolling Media Founder Jozelle Tech, who discussed “The Brand Hero: Unleashing the Founder’s Inner Powers and Story,” and Colourette Cosmetics CEO Nina Dizon, who shared her journey in “How I Built a ‘Cult’ Brand: The Colourette Magic & Mission.”

On the second day, participants engaged in workshops and discussions led by industry experts. Sessions included “Community Building” by Tala by Kyla Founder Janet Kyla, and a panel discussion featuring Pam Chan and Layco that addressed audience questions. Good Diva Marketing Founder Marielle Tiano shared insights on “TikTok Marketing,” while Layco explored “Future Meetings: Talking to Your Future Self.” Layco and Agyle Brands Founder Guita Gopalan also examined “Building the Next Big Brand in the Philippines.” 

Visionary NXT Masterclass

Good Diva Marketing Founder Marielle Tiano

By cultivating this community, NBU aims to inspire participants to go beyond conventional approaches and create brands that thrive in the market while making a positive societal impact.

“Our vision is to cultivate a community of visionary brand builders who will drive innovation and create disruptive brands that make a meaningful impact in the country. Entrepreneurship is not exclusive, it is for anyone with the dream, vision and determination to adapt and succeed. If we have more founders with the right mindset, we can solve more local problemsand we can contribute to a brighter future for the Philippines.” said Layco.