High School Visual Artists’ ‘Le Début, Le Dernier’ on March 9: Show Your Support

If you happen to swing by the Rizal area on March 9, why not take the unfamiliar, yet more scenic route of appreciating the arts? If you have never tried watching performance art, live art demonstrations, or maybe want to see an art exhibit that is not mainstream, this event is for you!

Le Debut Le Dernier 1

Made for art junkies and newbie art connoisseurs alike, people from all walks of life will surely find something worth watching in Le Début, Le Dernier: a night of avant-garde fashion, great music, and creative entertainment.

This event, organized by the Regional Lead School for the Arts in Angono and the Ang Sibol Art group, will be showcasing the talents of Visual Arts majors through a fashion show, live art performances, and art exhibits of the students and other featured artists.

What makes this (high school!) event a lot more special is that these 12-18 year-old kids, aside from being naturally inclined to the visual arts, have a very specific goal in mind: to collect enough funds to renovate the Carlos “Botong” Francisco Museo ng Sining, an art space that will be dedicated to showcasing the artworks and masterpieces of Visual Arts students in their school. If their goal is realized, they’ll be another step closer to their dreams. Just imagine the greater things they’ll be able to accomplish once they graduate from high school and step into college.

Now who wouldn’t want to help contribute to that?

If you believe that art needs to be appreciated and deserves a place of importance in our world, buy tickets now by visiting their Facebook page.

Tickets for outsiders only cost P70 (entrances to museums are a lot more expensive!) Not only will you be able to help high school students in their cause, you’ll also be sure to find something inspiring, entertaining, and definitely worth your time.

le debut le dernier 3

Le Début, Le Dernier: Visual Arts Recital 2016
6 PM
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Bukas na Tanghalang Lucio D. San Pedro
Regional Lead School for the Arts in Angono
10th Street, San Martin Subdivision, Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, Rizal


This event is in participation with and sponsored by Serigrafia MNL.

Photo courtesy of Serigrafia MNL

Photo courtesy of Serigrafia MNL


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