HiFiman HM-601 Slim: portable HiFi music player with a vintage sound

When In Manila and you want to relieve your music in HiFi quality and pertain a classic sound signature without needing a portable amplifier to provide juice to your headphones, the HiFiman HM-601 Slim is here to provide everything you need. From the custom equalizer, HiFi sound reproduction, clean and powerful DAC and internal amplifier, gain switch for powering your power hungry headphones, line-out for matching with portable amplifiers, lossless audio format compatibility, drag and drop music organization, pocket-able form factor and yet, with audiophile sound quality. It’s all in the HiFiman HM-601 Slim.

Packaging/Build: The packaging is pretty neat and is above average. You get a leatherette covered box with theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim, a pouch for theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim, a warranty card, manual, cleaning cloth, charger, USB cable and even an adapter for the charger. Pretty generous packaging specially with the charger adapter in place.


Going to the build of theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim, it is mainly built of plastic, it doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Hisoundaudio RoCoo P, although theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim is bigger. Buttons are a bit clunky and don’t feel much firm when pressed as opposed to the RoCoo P as well, but theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim doesn’t feel like it will break easy anyways. It’s just built less better than the RoCoo P. At least you won’t be afraid of denting or having scratches on theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim, right?

Sound Quality: Upon spending much time with theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim, I realized how much theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim has a classic sound. It has a vintage sound which is very analog. Meaning, theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim‘s main focus is the mids being thick, warm and forward giving a very analog vintage sound. It sounds great for Jazz, pop and vocal centered tracks. I see vinyl lovers surely loving theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim! Upon matching portable amplifiers with the HiFiman HM-601 Slim, I noticed how very clean sounding it is and how it has a very black background! Pairing it with an amplifier brings it to much greater audio capactiy, although making it more bulky.Ā What’s also great about theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim is that it has an SD card slot for additional and flexible storage. Perfect for your lossless vinyl rips. So to all you vinyl lovers and those who love an extremely clean sound, get your pockets and ears ready for theĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim!

TheĀ HiFiman HM-601 Slim can be purchased from HiFiman’s store, Head-Direct at: https://head-direct.com

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HiFiman HM-601 Slim: portable HiFi music player with a classic sound


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